The Belgian Cafe

With the same owners of Monk’s Cafe you know the food and the beer will be top notch. With a very friendly veg menu and they have an extensive bottle/draught list and easily

Eric choice… the vegan wings with an optional vegan aioli.

Beer and fries.
beer & fries


What do you drink instead of Guinness as a veg? Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout hits the spot every time.
beer stache

A few from beer week 2010.
Next on the agenda was meeting the head brewer from Unibroue, Jerry Vietz at Belgium Cafe. We tasted some samples and listened to him explain the story behind some of the beers/names.

We then had a seat and samples some of their finest work, La Terrible, a dark, abbey-style Belgian ale. We ordered one each.


I was especially excited for this since I haven’t had it in a bottle in a while, let alone on draft ever. It was quite the treat.


I then had the Unibroue Chambly Noire.


And Lauren had Petrus Oak-Aged Pale. Shes really into sour beers and this did not disappoint. Lots of oak, vanilla, citrus, and sourness to keep you occupied throughout.


At this point we had a few beer beers under our belt and weren’t sure if we could make it until 8pm when Nogne 0’s Kjetil Jikiun was making his way to the bar.


Luckily we did and they opened the taps to two Nogne 0 beers they had on tap.


We tried both the Nogne 0 #100 and the Sunturnbrew. We enjoyed both but the Sunturnbrew was amazing… an 11% smoked barleywine, yes please! One of my favorite beers I sampled over the weekend and will definitely pick up a bottle if I can find it again.


2047 Green Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3271
(215) 235-3500

Their Website


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