Mi Lah Vegetarian


we started out with sweet potato fries. they are fried and crisp but still fairly large and topped with cilantro to give them an asian feel I guess. they are really good but I think if they had a sriracha type of dipping sauce they would be amazing.

lunch at mi lah

Our spread. Mango, avacado, and mixed salad with spicy Caribbean lime dressing, Miso braised kale, sweet potato fries, and banh mi.

mi lah

i never can make up my mind at restaurants when there are multiple vegan items on the menu, especially here. I gave our waitress a choice between a few and ended up with the vietnameese tofu hoagie, a great choice. i usually am not a fan of tofu anything but, this is an exception. the tofu is cooked in strips, and topped with carrots, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro and a spicy chili mayonnaise atop a fresh hoagie roll. i think they used a spiral cutter this time for the carrots (or maybe I am not remembering the past times correctly) which I thought took some of the crunch away that was needed in the sandwich, but other than that it was good. my goal later on next week is to replicate the hoagie…. its just that good. Note last time I went the banh mi was a bit oily and wasnt up to par. Hopefully they were just having an off day.

lunch at mi lah

lauren got the stir fried brown rice with vegetables, tempeh, and cashews. the portions are big especially if you share an appetizer between two people. and therefore i was luckily able to take some of the stir fry home and had it for lunch the next day. it was yummy.

lunch at mi lah

Over all im a fan.. we have never been for dinner/brunch so i can’t say about that, but during the day the staff is always very friendly and attentive. The portions are large and i’ve never had anything i didn’t like so far. So if your ever in philly and looking for a good asian-fusion meal, i would definitely recommend Mi Lah.

218 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-8888

Their Website


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