Maru Global Takoyaki

A few outdoor seats and a couple inside as well. Seemed like they did alot of take-out buissness.

They also have baked goods from Vegan Treats but last time our brownie had been there for a whiles it seems..

Eric and I started with a whole grain salad appetizer and some edamame.
maru global

But we were really curious about their specialty, Takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food. They have a bunch of different “balls” which are more or less a Japanese dumpling made of an unbleached flour batter and stuffed/topped with a few traditional and some not so traditions items. When we visited the women behind the counter was very helpful with pointing out what was already or could be made vegan with the use of an egg substitute for the batter. We settled on trying two, corn and salsa verde and BBQ.

The corn and salsa verde Takoyaki is a cornbread ball topped with salsa verde and nixed the cotija cheese. I thought the ball was missing a crunchy element and therefore was a bit too mushy for both of us.

maru global

We also tried the smoky BBQ sauce with Cilantro, Jalapeño, and Caramelized Onion with crispy tofu. I really liked this Takoyaki compared to the salsa verde since the crispy tofu was encased in the ball it gave the finger food great contrasting textures.

maru global

We want to go back and try out a few other items like their vegan combo meal and vegan bento box meal.

255 South 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(267) 273-0567

Their Website


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