Home Slice


Home Slice pizza is right across from A Full Plate in Liberties Walk and offer quite a bit of vegetarian/vegan options including pizza with veg*n toppings, veggie burgers, cheesesteaks (w/ the option of vegan cheese whiz), and salads.

Finding good vegan pizza can be quite a challenge since many shops use some animal product somewhere in the process.  My favorite part of home slice is that instead of going the easy route with a fake cheese, they instead use a homemade almond cheese.  I respect that and I think it makes their pizzas special.  The only thing I don’t find as appealing is the crust… I find it to be too thin.  I like thin pizzas but they need to be crispy enough to support all the topping thats I want to try since they have an extensive list of excellent sounding toppings.  I wish they would have an option or two for the thickness of the crust.  I won’t complain too much since they do offer a white or whole wheat option for the crust, but feel like a legit crust would make their pizza that much better.

I also like that home slice usually has vegan pizzas by the slice unlike having to order a whole pie at other vegan pizza shops.  Below is a red pie with almond cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and red bell pepper.

vegan pizza

And the “Vegan,” a red pie with almond cheese on whole wheat.

vegan pizza from homeslice

1030 North American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123-1518
(215) 627-2726

Their Website


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