Garces Trading Company

I haven’t been there but Lauren was there a bit ago for a blogger meet-up. I will let her talk about the restaurant when she gets a chance but until then here is some photos from the night, Philly Blogger Meetup.

I more or less wanted to put this page up just in case any veg*n was heading there to let them what they can eat. I kinda wish I had this up sooner, but its up now and hopefully can help people from here on out. I emailed them a few months ago (April 2010) to see what was/could be made vegan. Here is their reply:


Unfortunately the pizza dough is made with duck fat, so none of the thin crust can be made vegan. However, our deep dish is made with a cornmeal crust, and we can fill it with tomato sauce and vegetables so you can enjoy pizza. Other salad and antipasta items are all vegan, and we can do a vegetable sandwich as well.

With gratitude.”

Their Website

1111 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5890
(215) 574-1099


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