Outdoor Seating.

They serve fresh complimentary bread from Metropolitan Bakery of which, some are vegan.

The breads that are vegan:
Cracked Wheat
Organic Miche
Country White
French Berry Rolls

Raisin Nut (honey, milk)
Whole Wheat Loaf (honey)
Pumpernickel (honey)
Organic Spelt (honey)

Philly Blogger Meet Up

Farmicia has happy hour during the week from 5-7, and I was really excited to finally try some of their cocktails (they are also BYOB).

Philly Blogger Meet Up

Meeting up with bloggers is so funny, because you actually know what they have been up to even if you haven’t talked to them in a while.

Philly Blogger Meet Up

Philly Blogger Meet Up

For dinner I ordered the Mega Dose of Vegetables & Grains. The dish was really good, I loved that it came out on a fancy lunch tray, and I loved the variety.

Philly Blogger Meet Up

All in all it was a fun night with a fantastic group of ladies.

Philly Blogger Meet Up

Although I had just eaten at Farmicia Wednesday night, I already had reservations for Thursday as well. Why? Because I had some special guests in town and had made dinner reservations a few weeks ago.


My parent’s flew into Philly Thursday afternoon and are spending the weekend here. I am really excited for them to be here, the last time they were in Philly it was cold and rainy.

Because I am a creature of habit, I ordered the same meal from the previous night. The Mega Dose of Vegetables & Grains. It was a little different tonight though.


Usually when Eric and I eat out, I convince him to order something that I really want to try, but am afraid to order. He didn’t need much convincing to order the Tres Tamales, vegan tamales filled with chorizo and vegetables.


15 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106-2848
(215) 627-6274

Their Website


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