Erawan Thai Cuisine


Eventually the rained stop and it turned out to be a nice day. Eric and I wanted to go out to dinner, but we have been in a major rut with restaurants. We scoured VegPA and came across Erawan Thai.
Their menu looked very accommodating to vegans and vegetarians. They have an entire veggie menu, and pretty much all the other dishes could be made with tofu and veggies instead of meat. I asked them if they used any fish oil ect. in any of the vegetarian options and they said no.

It’s BYOB so we brought this bottle to share.

dinner at erwana

We were torn between the tempura and spring rolls, but settled on the spring rolls figuring they were the better choice.
And they did not disappoint. Although very simple, the taste was good and the dipping sauces were amazing.

dinner at erwana

For dinner I ordered the Basil Fried Rice. It was a huge portion, but very tasty. I wish it would have been spicier though, but that’s only because I love spicy food.

dinner at erwana

I convinced Eric to order one of their curry dishes, mainly because I wanted to try it, heh. We both really liked this dish too.

dinner at erwana

Some other photos with better lighting.

The veggie spring rolls.

Erawan Thai

Lauren’s parents ordered the fried version and said they were good as well.
Erawan Thai

The basil fried rice.

Erawan Thai

Tofu basil curry.

Erawan Thai

123 South 23rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-4311
(215) 567-2542

Their Website


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