Cantina Dos Segundos

Cantina Dos Segundos is one of our “go-to” places since its fairly close and there is something for everyone there. All the vegetarian & vegan options are labeled clearly which is always a plus and makes life easy. Along with the many vegan items on the menu they also have a chalkboard of specials that include at least one vegan soup and sometimes entrees. They also served vegan desserts and sometimes host veg*n meet-ups. This is also one of the few places in the city with free chips and salsa (both red and tomatillo and good ones at that) which is more or less a given in Texas if your at a Mexican/Tex-Mex establishment. Hot sauce is usually a big thing for us as well and Cantina doesn’t disappoint. They keep their tables randomly stock piled with hot sauces which include tapatio, cholula, sriracha, bufalo chipotle, and a few varieties of el yucateco.

They also have a good hour that we take advantage of.
Monday-Friday 4-6pm
Half off margarita pitchers
2$ off drafts and Mexican bottles.

Blackberry margarita.


Restaurant, festively lit inside with outdoor seating in the front.

cantina for brunch

Chips and salsa.
cantina for brunch

Special’s Board:
cantina for brunch

Warning! the burritos are gigantic… easily the size of Laurens head.

cantina for brunch

No seriously.

cantina for brunch

Eric’s Picks:

Brunch: Tofu and Tempeh Bacon Burrito that included tofu, tempeh bacon, white rice, beans, and avocado.

cantina for brunch

Lunch/Dinner: Sometimes rotated on their specials, they serve ginger seitan tacos topped with a jicama slaw. It’s a simple dish served in corn tortillas that can be a bit greasy but is flavorful enough that they don’t need hot sauce, which rarely happens with taco.

brunch at cantina

Lauren’ Picks:

Brunch: French toast with a side of papa’s fritas.

this is the best french toast i have ever had, hands down. it was so delicious that it was dangerous. it tasted similar to a funnel cake, which i did not mind.

cantina for brunch

Papa’s fritas.


Lunch/Dinner: The Mixta Salad with avocado, hearts of palm, jicama, orange sections, radishes, almonds, mixed greens, piquin chile vinaigrette.


Some more Cantina fun

Their Website

931 N 2nd St
Northern Liberties
Philadelphia, PA



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