Butcher and Singer

My dad is usually a trooper with going to restaurants I like, so I decided Saturday night would be his night and we would take him to get the best steak in town. I figure I can eat where ever I want anytime, and if I have to suck it up for one meal, then so be it.

Butcher & Singer

Or so I thought…
Eric and I left Butcher & Singer stuffed. They were very accommodating to both of us. Our server was extremely knowledgeable on the dishes, and helped us to veganize a few things.

We started with the Butcher salad, minus the meat and cheese. It has chickpeas, lettuce, radicchio, artichokes, bell pepper, and so many other veggies. This salad was amazing.

Butcher & Singer

And then we ordered a few other dishes for our main meal. The chef was able to veganize the risotto, and it turned out amazing. This was the first time I have had risotto, and gosh, it was yummy. We also ordered the regular french fries and asparagus.

Butcher & Singer

Butcher & Singer has a few specialty cocktails, they are known for their sidecar, try it! They also have plenty of wines (some vegan) as well. If your vegan email them a bit before your reservation to let them know when and what you would like. I talked to the head chef a week before and he was very accomidating and explained what they could all do for us. So all in all it turned out to be a great meal and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an excellent meal.

1500 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 732-4444

Their Website


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