Cat Awesomeness

If you haven’t figured it out, I have two pretty awesome cats. I figured they were so awesome they deserved their own page on the blog.

post-op kitty legs


both cats

not a show cat

the cats


lounging kitty


kitta marie


kitta marie

grissom chilling

kitta marie


9 responses to “Cat Awesomeness

  1. I just found your blog and this special cat page….they ARE awesome…thanks for posting great pics. I have one big boy named Henry. cheers.

  2. i have a few cat questions…love the blog and all the food…i recently moved 60 miles outside philly to a pretty suburban area (from the upper west side of ny)…i have three little furries…

    dont you worry about letting them out?…i have friends that do…so really no judgements…but isnt that scary

    and when you brought them from texas and let them out in philly did they find their way home quickly?

    mine go out on a leash in my yard…one escaped during one of the blizzards last year but he was looking in the window within hours (i didnt realize he was gone)

    do they really always find their way home?

    • In a lot of ways I really regret that I started letting my cats out in the first place. I know I could just keep them in, but now that they have a taste of the outside they drive me nuts wanting to go out. I’ve tried, but always give in and let them out.
      That being said, I am happy that they are familiar enough with their surroundings and always come home. Yep, in the 6-7 years I have had them they have always come home.
      I also never have to worry about them escaping.

      I have moved with them 6 times and they always do a great job of figuring out their surroundings. I usually take them out on a leash for a while, and then I do supervised outtings where I just hover over them, and will go and put them in front of the door so they figure out where to go to get home.

      I do worry a lot. Luckily we live in a great house in Philly with a large backyard, so they tend to stay in our backyard, and occasionally into the neighbors.
      We also live at the very end of a tiny alley, so there is no through traffic.

      • thanks…it makes me feel a little better for my guys that they would find their way home if they escape…everyone told me they would but i just dont understand how…good to know they adjust after moving also

  3. I love Pennsylvania, I love cats, and I love your blog! So awesome!

  4. I love the pics….I have two adorable cats who deserve a page on a blog just like yours.

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