Philadelphia Marathon – #2

Wow. Between MCM and yesterday I had a cold for 2 weeks, the flu for one weekend and zero meaningful training runs. But I ended up running the full marathon and kicked some butt in the process.

With MCM I had so much other stuff to worry about that my mind wasn’t really worried about the race. With Philly I had nothing to worry about except the race.

Eric and I woke up early on Sunday morning and rode our bikes to the start at the Art Museum.
Philadelphia Marathon

My corral was pretty far back so I just hung out for a while. I promise I was actually in a good mood.
Philadelphia Marathon

Miles 1 – 7: I had a blast running through the city and was just kind of on auto pilot. I got to see Eric a couple of times and Krista once which definitely helped my spirits!
Philadelphia Marathon

Miles 8 – 11: This was through West Philly and Fairmount Park, the only “hilly” part of the course. But these hills had nothing on me this time. I ran them well and even talked to a guy from Texas who is running the Dallas marathon in a 2 weeks.

Miles 12 – 14: I was most worried about this part of the race. This is where the half and full split and I thought it would be really hard mentally. I wanted to get in a really good place mentally for this part of the race so I put on my favorite song and took note that nothing hurt on my body and I felt good and I could get through this. I saw Eric right before the split and was able to power through without any problems.
Philadelphia Marathon

Miles 15 – 18: This part of the course was along Kelly Drive. Eric was able to ride next to me for all of it which was great. I got to see Leslie which was a huge boost. The course does a weird back track over the Falls Bridge and I hit a big wall mentally at this point. I was tired and my stomach was bothering me and I was burping a lot. I just wasn’t in a good place.
Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia Marathon

Miles 19-25: Right after the Falls Bridge my friend Kirin was standing to the side ready to meet me to run. She was my saving grace for this race. She ran with me to Manayunk and all the way to mile 25. She encouraged me and kept me going and fed me pretzels. I owe her so much for what she did during the race. Once we got back on Kelly Drive I felt a lot better and knew I would be able to finish the marathon.
Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia Marathon

Miles 25 – 26.2: Right after Kirin left I got a surge of energy and cruised through to the finish, which was the best feeling to have.
Philadelphia Marathon

I am so happy I decided to run the Philadelphia Marathon. The best part was getting to see so many friends along the way. I finished in 4:17, a minute faster than MCM. But I didn’t hurt as bad during the run as I did at MCM.

Philadelphia Marathon

I think next year I want to focus on quality over quantity (if you can call 2 marathons a lot). I am really excited to take it easy the next few weeks then buckle down with some serious speed work next year.

Oh yeah, remember how I rode my bike to the marathon? Well that meant I had to ride my bike home. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but seeing cabs drive by was really tempting and in the future I might just take a cab.
Philadelphia Marathon


7 responses to “Philadelphia Marathon – #2

  1. SO GLAD YOU SAW ME!!! I was fumbling around for my camera but couldn’t snap a pic in time haha! ❤ congratssssssssssss speedy mcspeederson!!!!

  2. Congrats on Marathon #2!!!!

  3. You. Are. a ROCKSTAR! Congratulations!!


    How sweet are Eric and your friends?! LOVE THEM!!!!!!

  4. Wow, awesome job Lauren! I couldn’t imagine doing another marathon as soon as you did. It was a perfect day for running in Philly.

  5. Congrats! I am amazed by your speediness!

  6. Congratulations girl!!!

  7. Way to go! Nice pace, I hope to run a full someday myself. Until then I am doing the Nittany Valley Half again this weekend. No Meat Athletes rock!

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