What’s That?

I have spent the past 2 weeks fighting off an annoying cold that despite all my efforts to get rid of it, it just won’t go away. Then to top it all off Friday afternoon I came down with the flu and spent most of the weekend shivering in a ball on the couch complaining to Eric.

On Sunday I was definitely still sick, but decided to get out and run. Which sounds really stupid, and was stupid, but see, I am signed up for another marathon that is this coming Sunday. And even though I just ran a marathon 2.5 weeks ago, I feel severely under trained for this one. Because I have spent the past 2 weeks sick.

I am kind of at a loss as to what to do on Sunday, although here are my options:
A: Not run.
B. Run the half marathon.
C. Run the full marathon.
And I really, really want to choose option C because I want to experience that high I felt 2.5 weeks because it was kind of addicting. And probably the closest I will ever feel to a superstar athlete even though I am a mediocre runner who drinks too much beer.

If you are in Philly you should definitely check out the marathon on Sunday and perhaps you will see me running (I’ll be wearing a shirt that says Lauren on it). And then everyone should eat pizza and drink beer with me.

uh, my black and white skills are definitely lacking. i need to get back on top of that.


12 responses to “What’s That?

  1. Lauren! I say run the marathon… BUT, bring your phone with and have Eric ready to pick you up along the course if things get bad.
    I’ve totally been there… but, I bet you’ll regret not running it, no matter how bad you feel.
    You can do it, Lauren… get that finisher’s shirt and medal… than you have the rest of the year to relax and do nothing 🙂

  2. Using photoshop? Conversion with gradients is how I roll when it comes to b&w.

  3. I’ll be there! I hope I bump into you and Eric. I say listen to your body as we get closer to race day so that you don’t injure yourself. Otherwise I hope you feel better.

  4. Those cats! They are such great models.

  5. Do not run. Get well I love you

  6. Ooo! I just found your blog through Vegan Crunk! We’re sorta neighbors! 🙂

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