Another Bike in the Stable

Out with the old,


and in with the new.



I took the new bike on her first commute this morning. Far from finished, but its running just in time for the rain.


I’m excited to have a real commuter bike with plenty of tire clearance and plenty of braze-ons like rack & fender mounts. I found this used/new bike at a CO-OP store that was run by volunteers where proceeds went towards The Boys and Girls Club. While were we at the shop we were able to donate a bike that we weren’t using as well as some other random parts which hopefully make it onto a sweet bike. I was hoping this would be the last bike for a while but Lauren has been talking about a cyclocross bike… 1 bedrooms weren’t made for this many bikes.


7 responses to “Another Bike in the Stable

  1. wait a second here. you’re telling me you found a salsa vaya with paul component brake levers and a chris king headset used at a bike co-op? what?

  2. Im still not completely sure of the story behind it but the bikes brand new minus these old school aero bars that were on it…

  3. Not to mention what appears to be an ENO crankset. Nice score!

  4. You guys have good eyes. Yah they’re ENO cranks but I pulled them for now since I don’t have any splined chain rings. Not sure if ill keep them or not but I like the possibility of SS/1×9 setup.

    Yah, it was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

  5. Looks so comfy! Makes me want to ride to work tomorrow

  6. love your new salsa vaya, eric! i have been dreaming about that one for a while…nice find at the co-op!

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