The Weekend – Granogue

Eric here. I thought I would help Lauren out by posting some photos from the weekend (a day late).
We started the weekend off by heading to my buddy and teammate’s wedding.


Lauren and I got our Sunday best on and cruised out to the suburbs. Lauren did some dancing, me and the others sat around and talked about dancing.




Our table even had cupcakes for a couple of us.

Saturday morning I raced the Granogue Cyclocross race down in Delaware. I’m new to this sport, but it’s more or less a technical mountain bike course that one usually rides a modified road bike with wider tires. Plenty of different terrains including pavement, grass, dirt, sand, rocks, and random objects like barriers and run-ups. There’s lots of pain, plenty of falling, people heckling, beer, and cowbells. It’s kinda up our alley.





After racing Saturday there was some beer drinking back in the city that needed to get done.




It was a double header so we headed back down south Sunday morning for more cross racing. They changed the course up enough that it was still very painful with little to no recovery.



After my race we watched a bit of racing and talked with friends. I ended up 8th or 9th the first day and 13th the second. I was happy with the results as the fields were huge and I started behind 50+ people.



There were even races for little kids.


Hung out most of the day and watched the men elites tackle the course, stopped at Total Wine then cruised home. This cyclocross thing is a different beast.


GoPro Video


5 responses to “The Weekend – Granogue

  1. Great video! Kept waiting to see Lauren give you a Yuengling hand-up, but it never came. You’re clearly taking this cross thing way too seriously. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately for this series our races are at 8:30am… if not id be taking beer hand-ups all day 😀

  3. Holy crap, that looks really really hard!

  4. Fun! I love that y’all drink beer while doing all that crazy sportiness!

  5. GoPros are fucking cool. I had to call that in for a photoshoot and I really want to keep it (I haven’t returned it yet…).

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