The Weekend

This past weekend was filled with friends and a lot of fun. We had a few friends come in to town and all got together for a crazy weekend.

We spent Friday night at Standard Tap. Which really isn’t anything new because Eric and I spend EVERY Friday night at Standard.

On Saturday some friends and I went to Center City for the Midtown Fall Festival. We made a quick stop for a tourist photo.

The festival was a lot of fun, but really crowded. We took a break from the crowds and headed to Graffiti Bar for some drinks.

We all hung out the rest of the day and it was sooo much fun. Friends need to move back to Philly!

Eric and I got up early Sunday morning and headed south. We stopped in Richmond, VA for some food at Ellwood Thompson’s, a grocery store with an awesome salad bar, hot bar and takeaway food. We filled out plates and bellies.

And now we are hanging out in North Carolina for a few days. Eric’s brother and sister-in-law just had a baby so everyone has gathered here to meet the newest addition.


4 responses to “The Weekend

  1. Hey Lauren! I found your blog looking for vegan blogs in Philly (and it’s great!). I’ve been to Standard Tap for beer, but not food. How are the vegan selections there? They don’t post their menu online. Thx!

    • Ahh thanks!!

      The vegan food selection there is meh/non-existent. There are usually a couple of sides and you could probably make some sort of meal out of food there, but they don’t have specific vegan entrees or anything. I really only go for the beer (but the fries are really good too!).

  2. I like the impromptu photoshoot pictures… you kids are fierce!!

  3. eeeeeeee I went to school in Richmond- is that the Elwood THompson’s in Carytown? I used to go to there (Tina Fey voice)!

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