Photos From The Weekend

My camera randomly stopped working so the weekend photos were all shot with my phone :(. Luckily my camera is still under warranty, so hopefully I can get it replaced!

Nittany Lion Cross RaceNittany Lion Cross Race

Nittany Lion Cross RaceNittany Lion Cross Race
Eric had his first cross race of the season on Saturday morning! This boy is getting involved in so many different types of biking, it’s getting hard for me to keep up! We were up early and drove about an hour outside of Philly. And guess what, Eric did AWESOME in the race and came in 6th place out of about 100 people! Talk about being a badass.

On the Border

After the race we headed to one of our favorite places, On the Border! I don’t even know how to describe our obsession with this place, but we were in the mood for some Fine Mexican Food.

Vegan TreatsVegan Treats

Vegan TreatsVegan Treats
And then we went to Vegan Treats!!!! This was my reward for waking up early and going with Eric to his race :). We were FINALLY able to try their soft serve ice cream and shared vanilla. It was dreamy and tasted exactly how I remember Dairy Queen tasting. We picked up some donuts, a mini cake and a cinnamon bun for home.

18 mile run18 mile run

18 mile run18 mile run

18 mile run
I was up early again on Sunday, this time to tackle 18 miles. I met Leslie at her apartment and we went off to run the Towpath. I had never run this part of the trail and it was nice to change up the scenery. Parts of the trail were like an obstacle course because of all the recent hurricanes, rain, floods, etc. We hit 9 miles feeling great and turned around to head back towards her place. We definitely make the best of our runs and for the second half we turned on my iPhone and jammed to the likes of Britney, 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. I’m sure we were quite the sight to see.

Eric and I spent the rest of the day being lazy. We headed to the park, shared some beers and played some UNO.

We wrapped up the evening my sharing one of the mini-cakes we bought from Vegan Treats. Yeaaahh!


3 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. First of all, that Rauchbier from your last post is my favorite beer of all time! But unfortunately, it’s not sold in bottles in beer stores here, so I can only get it at one bar downtown. 😦 At least I can it there.

    Secondly, go Eric! That’s awesome. I love the Hipstamatic pics!

  2. Vegan Treats! Yum. I hope to make it to the actual storefront one day, but for now will have to be satisfied with my all too frequent purchases at Grindcore and New Harmony.

  3. That one looks like the tandy cake…oh boy…had it at vegfest this weekend….delicious!

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