Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Bagel Bunch

I tackled one of my baking fears the other day and made bagels!! The fact that you have to boil them first always intimidated me, but I sucked it up and used the recipe from Vegan Brunch.

They weren’t too difficult and ended up being pretty good. Not OMG amazing, but not bad!


Photos From The Weekend

It’s kind of hard to have a fun weekend when you don’t do anything but work the entire time.

We got out for a bit Sunday morning so Eric could do another cross race. From a spectactor’s view I really enjoy these races more than his road races. I can also heckle him when he rides by.

He ended up doing really well and took 12th out of 120ish people.

Cookies Make Everything Better

vegan chocolate chip cookies
I surprised Eric by baking him these chocolate chip cookies. GIRLFRIEND OF THE YEAR AWARD, RIGHT HERE! Not really. He deserved them because he listens to me complain about how stressful my life is when it really isn’t and he works a bajillion more hours a week than I do. Plus I ate 5 cookies before he even got home.

Photos From The Weekend

I was working from home on Friday and I caught this moment. Kitta and Griss don’t really hate or like each other, just tolerate, but for some reason when it gets slightly cold they will cuddle. Maybe they are secretly in love.

someone please adopt this cat
Saturday morning we were walking around and decided to go check on Otis/Rufus. We found him a few months ago in pretty rough shape. He is now up for adoption so if ANYONE wants a super sweet older cat, he’s your man. Seriously, someone adopt him, because if you don’t we might have to.

Saturday afternoon Eric and I headed to Monk’s Cafe for Zwanze Day 2011. Barrels of Cantillon’s Zwanze were opened around the same time around the world. The event was packed but the beer was good. And then we realized that we actually already had this beer when we went to Cantillon earlier this year.

20 miles - marathon training
Sunday morning was a pretty big day because I ran 20 miles!! I woke up early and ran to meet Leslie and covered about 5 miles. We then ran the Rock n Roll half marathon together, covering another 13. And then I ran home.

I never would have thought I could cover 20 miles, but the run went really well! It hurt more when I would stop and walk so I kind of just kept chugging along and actually gained some speed the last couple of miles.

Got home, showered, stretched and we headed out for pizza at Blackbird Pizza. We met some friends from The PPK and hung out eating pizza for a while. It was GLORIOUS.

The weather was really nice on Sunday so instead of hanging out inside we went to Liberty Lands Park. Juli met up and we drank some fall beer, played Hello Kitty UNO and even had a visit from the park cat.