Photos From The Weekend

After finishing up my sixteen mile run on Friday I took it easy the rest of the day, finishing up some work and waiting for Eric to get home.
We went out on Friday night, but the the long run was taking a toll on me so I headed up pretty early to go to sleep.

I was up bright and early Saturday morning because it was Eric’s birthday!!! I was probably more excited about it than he was.

I had my blog-friend Allison bake him a chocolate chip cookie cake and she did an awesome job! Isn’t it super cute? And it tasted delicious! I will definitely have her make future baked goods for us.

I was really excited to give Eric one of his presents, that may or may not have been a gift to myself too.

Tour de France Pop Up Book

A Tour de France pop up book!! We are going to try to go to the tour next year, and I thought this would be a good way to learn anything and everything about it.

Tour de France Pop Up Book

Tour de France Pop Up Book

Eric didn’t really want to do anything for his birthday so we hung around the house most of the day. Later in the day we headed to Fairmount Park for a BBQ with some of Eric’s bike friends.

Birthday boy! 25 years young!

I don’t know if this is a Philly thing, or not, but going to Fairmount Park on a weekend is definitely a spectacle. People get really into their park hang outs, with bouncy houses, full on DJ setups, dirt bikes, etc. We kept ours pretty low-key though.



But there were plenty of bike shenanigans.



Group shot.

There’s a philly bike message board and they play a photo tag game that’s really fun. Someone takes a picture of a spot in Philly with their bike, then you have to go find it, take a picture there with your bike then go find a new spot. I’ve gotten to tag along with Eric on a few photo tags. We did a big group tag at the BBQ.
Setting up bikes for the new tag.

Then we had to cruise to the old tag to take a picture with all of our bikes.

+10 cool points if you know where this is!

To wrap up the birthday festivities we headed to a party in our neighborhood that was 90s themed. I wish we had had more time to put together better outfits.

We got out for a bit Sunday morning, but it rained the rest of the day so we just hung out and I put Eric to work cleaning.


9 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Happy birthday to Eric!
    Your city is so lovely. I went to Sweet Freedom Bakery on yours and other people’s recommendation and it was spectacular. You were so right.

  2. I love the pop-up tour de france book gift!!! Too cute!!!

    But… what exactly are you biking through in your bike shenanigans??

    Happy birthday, Eric! You really should have included the FB flashback picture. 😉

  3. Just came across your blog….I live in Washington Square! Love seeing all of the philly places on the blog….I’m trying to get more reviews on my blog, but it’s turning into a “whatever pops in my head” blog lol

  4. That is the coolest book! Happy Birthday to Eric! August babies are the best…

    Is it the Girard St. bridge?

  5. happy birthday eric!

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