Sweet Sixteen

Well this morning I did something I’ve never done before, RUN 16 MILES! Besides a few runs here and there, I haven’t talked about marathon training very much. Mainly because it got off to a rough start. But the past few weeks things have been good. I can’t believe how quickly I reached 16 miles either.

I met up with my near and dear running buddy LESLIE! We are trying to keep our long runs fun and care-free and so far we are doing an ok job. We are also trying to avoid Kelly Drive as much as possible. As awesome as it is, Kelly can get really old. So this morning we spiced things up and went running through Fairmount Park.

while this only shows 14 miles, i guarantee you we did 16. we did a couple of out and backs to check out things and i didn’t include them on this map.

We saw statues.

And ran on some nice paths.

Swung by the Japaneses Tea Garden.

We even ran through the woods some.

There’s an awesome view of Philly from the Belmont Plateau, I want to go have a picnic up here!

And another awesome view from the Girard bridge.

And then the photos stopped. Because miles 12-16 were the longest 4 miles of my life.
Besides that, the run was really great. Our run are super low-key and we go pretty slow and take lots of pictures so it’s actually pretty fun. Or as much fun as you can have running that far.


4 responses to “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Great job. I might need a running buddy; it sounds like fun keeping things chill. The farthest I’ve ever gone is 5 miles!
    I’ve always wondered how people take photos while running. Do you actually stop and photograph? Where do you keep the camera?
    I wish there were some interesting routes around here.

    • I am definitely not skilled enough to run and take pictures. I usually stop for a quick second, or we’ve been taking walk breaks on our long runs and I usually do it then.
      Lately I have been wearing my CamelBack so I put it in there. Sometimes I put it in my Spibelt!

  2. I’m totally with you on Kelly getting real old real fast. Looks like you’ve found a great alternative!

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