Photos From The Weekend

I had a super rad weekend filled with funtimes.

Friday morning, my friend Jackie came down from New York from the day. Jackie just happens to be my brother’s girlfriend. And she just happens to be in NYC for a few months for an internship.

Reason for her visit? To eat of course! While NYC is filled with vegan awesome-ness, Philly holds it’s own pretty well.
I picked her up from the bus stop and we headed south to Grindcore House. We split some cake for breakfast.

We rode bikes around for a bit, then headed back down south for tempeh club sandwiches at Royal Tavern.

We took some hours off from eating, but for the grand finale we picked up some Blackbird Pizza and headed to the park.

Eric and I went out Friday night, but I headed home early because I had plans to run 14 miles with Leslie!

Leslie and I run together a lot, but we haven’t been running together for a few months! Luckily we are signed up for the same marathon and can hopefully do most of our long runs together!

We headed to our favorite trail in Wissahickon because it’s mostly shaded.
Marathon Training

I was so happy to have my running buddy back! We went into this run thinking about it as hanging out together and NOT running 14 miles together.
Marathon Training

Marathon Training

Jumping photos are a must. Unfortunately they are kind of hard at mile 10.
Marathon Training

Marathon Training


We finished strong and I came home to relax the rest of the day. I put on my sexy post run outfit. Ratty bad shirt? Old running shorts? Compression sock? Cat? Check, check, check and cheeeck! Sometimes I don’t know how Eric can keep his hands off of me.

And this is how I spent the rest of the day.

We woke up Sunday morning to rain. Like a ton of rain. That never stopped. So we made the best of the day and hung inside.

Drank wine, made friendship bracelets and watched movies.

The cats took the day off too.


4 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. That food looks AMAZING! And poor kitty… what ARE you doing to her??? 😉 And pink compression socks?! Hello, amazing!

  2. Sweet looking pizza.
    Cats ALWAYS get the day off!

  3. what a fun food tour 🙂

  4. i was eating at silk city friday night, and saw you guys riding bikes down spring garden!

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