Last Night’s Dinner

Last night I finally jumped on the bandwagon. The Mmmm Sauce bandwagon that is.

Last Night's Dinner

I made Mama Pea’s Nacho Mmmm Sauce along with the Succotash Quesadillas. Except I used green salsa and a lot of cashews in the sauce and I left the Daiya out of the quesadillas.

Last Night's Dinner

It was mmmmm good.

Switching topics, after 7.5 long years, I now have 2 indoor only cats. Kitta and Griss have always been indoor/outdoor and have always been surprisingly good at it. I knew keeping them indoors would be a lot better for their health and longevity but I could never do it. And then 3 weeks ago I was riding my bike down a street and spotted Kitta. 3 blocks from our apartment. That was the end of going outside.

Kitta Cat

Needless to say, they both hate me for it. It’s been a long 3 weeks. With them standing at the door and crying. And scratching. I’m trying to do a lot more interactive stuff with them but it’s not going so well.

Kitta Cat

So if anyone has any tips to help their transition to indoor only, I am all ears.


4 responses to “Last Night’s Dinner

  1. hah…I made the classic mmm sauce last night for the first time…I used kidney beans instead of chickpea and it was just as delicious.

    I have never had a cat so I have no clue how to help, other than bring stella to the door to scare the sh*t out of them from going outside. Good plan, right?

  2. oh man…we’ve done that with our cats. We always end up losing our resolve because they seem so miserable, and I feel conflicted about ‘caging’ animals. We lasted six weeks once, and it was a long six weeks. Our cats never seemed to give up for very long, but after a month, they weren’t asking to go out constantly. They started asking for food all the time instead, lol.

  3. cat leash? we got one because one of our cats kept trying to bolt out the door; turns out she just likes sitting and rolling around on the stoop. but just to be safe, we got the leash so we can control where she goes if she does venture off the stoop. it’s bright green, lol. they have other fun colors at chic petique or operation ava.

  4. build a makeshift catio you can take outdoors that way you can supervise them and they can get the benefits of being outside or even make your house more cat friendly by adding height in places.

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