Hucking It

The other day I had the grand idea to sign up for a duathlon. No big deal…except that the race is in a week and a half. I thought it would bring some fun to my marathon training.

My training plan for the next week and a half is to run as much as I can and to bike as much as I can.

Even though I ride a bike almost daily, it had been a while since I took my actual road bike out. Eric was nice enough to meet with me after work to ride through Fairmount Park.

The park is ginormous and we cruised through all sorts of parts of it. I like getting lost and turned around while riding through it.

Oh, we are also going out of town for a few days. I am planning on taking my bike to get some rides (and runs) in, but who knows.

On our way home we stopped by the Asian grocery store. This is the employee who rang us up. Child labor, no big deal.

(this is sort of a joke, by the way. she did ring us up, but her family runs the place, i think, so everyone pitches in and helps out)


5 responses to “Hucking It

  1. I love the asian market! with the exception of the silky chickens……..they freak me out.

  2. I love family-owned places that put their kids to work!! I’m sure that kid enjoys it. Good luck on the dualathalon. I’m certain I spelled that wrong.

  3. Some of my favorite rides have been ambling through Fairmount Park. So much to see!

  4. Good luck!! Fairmount park is such a beautiful place to ride/run!

  5. i have the same exact photo of the spring garden checkout child on my instagram! ❤

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