5 Things Friday

1. Cats
I don’t think I have to state the obvious here.

Kitta is too busy ruling the world to have her picture taken.

2. Running
I ran 9 miles on the treadmill yesterday because it was too hot at 6:30am. Oppressive summer heat has begun!

Yea, it took me a while because I was so bored.

3. Sandwiches

Oppressive summer heat means the extent of cooking I have done is making sandwiches and drinking smoothies.

4. Bracelets
I have 100% jumped on this tread and it reminds me of being a little kid during summer. If I can get my act together I fully intend on making some friendship bracelets and giving them to actual friends.

5. Beer
If there is one thing Americans do well, it’s celebrating other countries holidays (cough cough St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo) Last night we went to Resurrection Ale House to celebrate Belgian Independence Day. Tasty brews were consumed.


10 responses to “5 Things Friday

  1. Oh my goodness…I remember those Friendship bracelets!! Love them! Did you ever wear those barrettes when you were younger that had ribbon braided on them and the ribbon hung down with beads on the end?! For some reason Friendship bracelets made me think of those…

  2. Fuck smoothies (not really), come here and eat lulas with me.

  3. I had no idea it was Belgian Independence Day – glad you’re on top of all the boozy holidays! That sandwich looks great, btw.

  4. I love those friendship bracelets. I used to love making them when I was a kid, I may want to get back into that. The sandwich looks soo good! Your cat is gorgeous! She steals the show beautifully! Beer is always a good thing to celebrate with. Now I may get one and relax.

  5. We should have a friendship bracelet circle
    going, where you trade…because isn’t that the
    point? 🙂

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