Photos From The Week + Weekend

This post is gonna be long, and I am backtracking slightly, but oh my gosh, I have been having too much fun and haven’t been on the computer much.

Last Wednesday my super awesome friend Amanda came to town for a few days. Amanda and I worked together in Dallas for a few months, and I’ve mentioned numerous times how I met some amazing people at my first job. I had a ton of fun showing her around Philly and we went to the midnight premiere of HARRY POTTER! Amazing as expected.

Friday evening we had a get together at our place for our friend Andy’s birthday. It was a pretty low-key, but really fun birthday party. We hung out for a bit, then headed over to 700 Club for some dancing. I absolutely love dancing and this was the best dance party I’ve been to in a while, it even ended with a dance off!

Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Art Museum/Love Park to watch the Rocky Alleycat race. Alleycats are informal bike messenger races. This race was cool because 1 person would sprint from Art Museum to Love Park then another would ride around the city to pick up the next clue. So you got to see a lot of back and forth.

Eventually we headed home and the late previous night got the best of me and Griss and I took a cat nap.

We took it easy the rest of Saturday and were up at 5:45am Sunday morning because Eric had a bike race. I’ve been sick the past week, so it was nice to put some miles on the bike. Nothing like riding through the city at 6am, it’s pretty dead.

The race was fairly short, 15 miles, and the best part is Eric took 3rd place!!

It was held down at the Naval Yard, so we cruised around for a bit afterward.

Later in the day I saw Harry Potter again (!!!!) then Eric, Juli and I went to Frankford Hall for some beer, pretzels and Uno. A perfect Sunday afternoon.


5 responses to “Photos From The Week + Weekend

  1. Holy crap would ya look at the size of that beer and pretzel. I’m waiting for the craze to die down before I attempt Harry Potter…but I am excited!

  2. I love 700 Club! DJ spinning on a tub? So amazing.

  3. maybe next year you can run in the Ellwood City marathon!
    i’ll pick you up in Rochester!

  4. my gosh that pretzel is huuuuge!
    I’m so jealous you’ve already seen HP twice! I saw it last night and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I can’t wait to see it again (and again!)

  5. Yay! I had so much fun in Philly, Lauren. I want to come back!

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