Photos From The Weekend

Eric and I parted ways for the holiday weekend. He went off to Pittsburgh to meet up with family and I am in good ol’ Lubbock, TX with mine.

After the craziness of the past few weeks it’s been really nice to sit around and do nothing.

First on the Texas agenda was picking up a 6-pack of Shiner’s summer beer, Ruby Redbird. It’s a really nice light beer with hints of grapefruit and ginger. Sounds weird, but it works.


And there has been a lot of this going on.


And lots of dog hang outs.


Per my marathon training schedule I was scheduled to run 8 miles while home. I went out and did 6 on my own, running around a few neighborhoods and around a park a few times. Then I made my way home and picked up one dog for one mile then another dog for the last mile. It really helped break it up, although managing dogs at the end of an 8 mile run was a little tough.


My good friend Morgan happened to be in town so he came by later in the day for some more pool time.


Monday, July 4th/Independence Day, was a pretty big day. Lubbock has a yearly parade and festival (and usually fireworks, but there’s a drought right now) and my dad’s office is right on the parade route, so each year he throws a big party. And then to make the holiday even better, my dad was in the parade this year!

He has a really old El Camino that he drove in the parade. It’s almost as old as him.

IMG_3507 IMG_3505

He let my brother and I ride in the back which was pretty fun.

IMG_3515 IMG_3511

Yay America?

It was definitely cool to be in the parade, but I felt awkward most of the time with everyone watching us.


It went down Broadway then through Tech’s campus for a bit.


Hey Dad!


Once the parade was over we hung out at my dad’s office for a few hours.


And then I spent the rest of the day in the pool, but I think you have seen enough pool pictures of me already.

I’m in Lubbock for one more day then off on another Texas adventure.


4 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Love the pics! Especially the one of the TTU seal 🙂 I didn’t think I’d miss LBK but I really, really do… the parade looks like a blast. Your dad’s car is really cool, too 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh that teal beer cozie totally brought me back to my childhood- we had the exact same one. Circa 1989-ish?

  3. I love the El Camino. Mostly because my great grandfather had one too, and that’s so LBK to me. 🙂

    Looks like yet another good trip home to visit the folks. And you should have run across Lubbock. That’s about 8 miles, yeah?

  4. I had one of those Ruby Redbirds this weekend. It was good! Maybe there’s hope for me yet…?

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