Photos From The Weekend

I can’t believe this was the last weekend in June. This month completely flew by and I barely remember it. We definitely lived up the weekend though.

Eric got home a little late on Friday so he suggested we go to Royal Tavern for dinner. It was a really nice night out and we had a great bike ride to South Philly. Followed by the best sandwich ever, the tempeh club.

Royal Tavern

It was a friend of ours birthday, so after dinner we stopped by The Bottle Shop to pick up some beers then headed over to the party.

The birthday party took us to a bar on South St. and Eric was kind enough to give our friend Eric a lift on his bike.

Saturday morning Eric got up early and rode his bike all the way to Wildwood, NJ for another friend’s birthday! We’ve been wanting to ride our bikes to the beach for a while, so Eric decided to go for it and figure out some routes. He promised me he would write a post about it, so hopefully that will be up later.

I left a few hours later by car.

Ben Franklin Bridge

Leaving later in the day was definitely the way to go and I made it to Wildwood without any traffic.

We immediately hit the beach upon my arrival.





Then headed back to the hotel for some birthday cupcakes.



Later in the night we headed down to the boardwalk for my first New Jersey boardwalk experience!


Wildwood Boardwalk

We stayed out for a bit then Eric and I decided to drive back to Philly around midnight.

Sunday morning I did my first official “long” run for marathon training, 7 miles! The run went surprisingly well considering I have been doing a lot of not running. Eric made some pizza while I was out which I happily feasted on.

Arugula pizza

I spent the better part of Sunday studying for finals, this week is my last week of school! Eric cleaned his bikes all day. We debated going out for dinner but decided to stay in. I cooked up a really easy dish I’ve been eating a lot of.
Saute some chickpeas and collards then pour a mixture of 1/4 lemon juice, 1/4 nutritional yeast and 1/4 water over top. Cook together for about 3 minutes then serve over quinoa.

Chickpeas, collards and quinoa

This is going to be a busy week full of studying, exams and work, but next Saturday I am going on vacation for a week!


9 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I ADORE your bathing suit. Seriously. SO SO SO cute.

  2. I knowww June really flew by so fast! I can’t believe its almost July.

    Your bathing suit is absolutely adorable!

  3. That chickpea/collard dish looks fantastic. I love simple meals like that. And 7 miles!! You go, girl!

  4. Wildwood! Jersey Girls, best in the world! Woo! (Sorry, bad habit.)

    Seriously – the chickpeas/collards looks really good and then you mentioned nutritional yeast. Yesss.

  5. your swimsuit! love it!
    i miss running so much. i got bursitus in my hip a couple of months ago and haven’t been able to kick it to the curb. it’s an oven outside in texas these days anyway. verdict, HELLO, Pa.

  6. LOVE your swimsuit! you look like a model!
    Love the quinoa recipe- going to try that soon!

  7. I know I’m the 10th person to say this but Lauren your suit is ADORABLE. Let’s hit the beach together soon!

    Also, I love that Eric is a maverick at riding other people on his bike awkwardly. Seriously he’s MacGyver.

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