Photos From The Weekend

I wish everyday was as fun as this past weekend. A good mix of having fun and relaxing.

Eric and I started off our weekend by spending way too many hours (almost 6!) at Standard Tap. And drinking way too many delicious, expensive beers.

I got to try the Sierra Nevada Exportation. This beer was seriously good and definitely worth seeking out (I think it’s only brewed this one time).
I also got to try Broederlijke Liefde, a collaboration between Sly Fox Brewery and De Proefbrouwerij‘s. While it didn’t blow me away, I was still really psyched to get to try it.

Standard Tap

Needless to say, that is ALL we did Friday night.

We woke up Saturday morning and helped our friend Juli move. The awesome news is she was moving out of the Art Museum neighborhood to Northern Liberties!!! It’s going to be awesome having her only a few blocks away.

Her new apartment is a really cute trinity, with REALLY small staircases. Like small, small.

Helping Juli move

We had a little trouble with some of her furniture. Obviously I helped a lot. By taking a lot of pictures.

Helping Juli move

But the hardest part was probably wrangling her cats Chuck and Amelia.

Helping Juli move

We all have the scratch marks to prove it.

Helping Juli move

After moving Juli treated us to lunch at Dos Segundos. We got paid in margaritas and salads.

Dos Segundos

All that heavy lifting had us beat and Eric and I lounged on the couch the rest of the day.

Sunday was Father’s Day! Since my dad is in Texas I did the next best thing and Skyped with him.

Skyping with dad

And then I talked to the dogs. They were very confused.

Skyping with Bueller

I’ve written before how Eric has a problem with buying bikes (like when we drove all the way to Connecticut). Well…he bought another bike last week (!), so I told him something had to be done about bike storage. While this isn’t the best solution, atleast 2 bikes are off the floor, out of the 12 or so we own.

We did some more house stuff and then we randomly got a few friends together to come over to eat dinner. Eric manned the grill while we hung out on the deck.

Juli brought over a bottle of Elysian Jasmine IPA. I’m kind of obsessed with this beer right now because it’s sort of tea like. Definitely delicious.

Elysian Jasmine IPA

Elysian Jasmine IPA

Deck dining

After dinner we all shared this Port Brewing Hot Rocks Lager.

Port Brewing Hot Rocks Lager

And then we spotted this kitty on the roof a few apartments done. Not sure how he got up there!

Cat on the roof


16 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. pamela chesnutt

    looks like a great weekend-so happy Juli will be close by 2 more weeks-YAY study hard

  2. Tea beer? I’m intrigued. Is that PA-exclusive?

    • Probably not because it’s from Washington! I would definitely try to find it on tap because the Jasmine was a lot more intense. But the bottle was really good too.

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Where does that jasmine beer come from? It looks so interesting, I’d love to try it!

    • The brewery is out of Washington! They have the beer on tap at The Abbaye right now, and my friend got this bottle at The Foodery in NoLibs.

  4. Looks like a really fun weekend! After 6 hours at a bar, nice job waking up and helping with the move! Oy. My favorite beer lately is Dogfish Head Festina Peche – oh man it tastes like peach juice! It’s very light but it’s really good. The jasmine one sounds wild.

    • Haha I made sure to head home early to get a good nights rest, and I drank a lot of water too!

      The bar had that beer on tap but I didn’t try it! Maybe I can swing by this week and give it a sip.

  5. Pics of the new bike?

  6. I love that you all collect bikes. I really want to own a lot but chase Says no. Bbboooo

  7. Love the wrestling cats photos. Oh chuck & Amelia. Thanks again for delicious dinner Sunday night!!

  8. Will one of you please tell Em that I DESERVE a new road bike, dangit?!

    • You have a garage right?? 🙂
      It took Lauren a few days to notice the new bike… 7 bikes in a one bedroom has its advantages i guess?

      • Ha! It’s not so much her noticing the new bike as it is her noticing the dough missing from the bank account. 😦
        Let me know if you want to sell your old crankset now that you’ve got all these new SRAM bits. I could definitely slip a couple upgrades past her!

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