Photos From The Weekend

Eric’s dad was back in town this weekend, so we had another fairly low key weekend.

They were off doing car stuff all day Saturday, so I stayed in Philly and studied most of the day. Atleast I had iced tea and a cute coffee shop to keep me company.

one shot

Saturday night we walked around the corner to have some drinks and dinner at The Abbaye.

the abbaye

We dropped Eric’s dad off at the airport Sunday morning then swung by FDR for a memorial for one of Eric’s friend. Despite being sad, it actually was a nice memorial and a good way to be remembered.


We stayed for a bit then headed back into the city and got down to business on finishing up Philly Beer Week.


Good Dog, which is one of our favorite places, was having a special and most of their beers were $3.

good dog

good dog

After a few drinks we rode over to Chinatown and had dinner at New Harmony. It’s BYOB so we stopped on the way over and picked up some beverages. We were the classiest people there.


And then gorged ourselves on vegan Chinese food.

new harmony

The best part? VEGAN DONUTS.

donuts from new harmony

And while I may look really scary here, it’s only because I am so excited that I bought all the donuts there.

Sucks for you if you want a donut, gotta wait till Thursday!


12 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. That is my favorite restaurant- so good! Never had the donuts though, I usually get a slice of cheesecake to go! Order anything good for entrees? I love the wonton soup, beef buns, shrimp and walnut dish, and the orange beef. Mmm, now I want New Harmony! 😉

  2. What kind of donut is that?? It looks TASTY!!

  3. I love good dog! And love most of the things you guys post about. If you ever feel like grabbing a beer at the pope or something I’m always interested in meeting new people and would love more friends in the blogging community!

  4. you got em! all those vegan’s are outta luck!

  5. Ha! I love BYOB places. Drinking a 40 oz out of glasses somehow makes it taste better, anyway.

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