Some more beer week action

A week or so back Philly Tourism contacted us regarding the opening night of the With Love Beer Garden at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. This is the fist time the Four Seasons opened their outdoor space to beer week with the help of With Love, Philadelphia XOXO. The beer garden kicked off its beer week with Victory Brewing Company’s Summer Love Ale (which is a local brewery from where I grew up), which is in its second year of production. Unfortunately Lauren had school last night so she was unable to attend but I ‘took on for the team’ and went to drink some beer and check the venue out. Luckily our friend Julie joined me for the festivities and we rode down to the Hotel.


Julie even got a sweet koozie for checking in on facebook or something like that. Unfortunately I don’t have a cool/smart/I have a old school razor phone and cant get on the intranet, so i had to borrow hers…


I did get a sweet name tag though.


Really nice day out yesterday and it was nice not to be stuffed in a bar right after the ride and enjoy




Along with beer they were serving food as well as ice cream. Franklin Fountain does source vegan ice cream so I got a bit excited when I saw their bike-cream vehicle. But today they made a special ice cream for this event which was infused with strawberries and the Summer Love Ale.



It was early so we went to get a bit more beer in out system. We headed to The Good Dog for some Bavarian Barbarian beers, a local brewery that had some rare/barrel aged beers on tap. We made a few friends and watched a bit of baseball before calling it a night. I love beer week!




3 responses to “Some more beer week action

  1. I think this is the best way for me to experience beer week: hearing about other people drinking and staying away from the crowds. Looks like a really fun time. Our local brewery gives tours every weekend so I’m hoping to maybe make it there sometime this summer.

  2. Beer Week Rocks!

  3. you probably should have saved that name tag!

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