Photos From The Weekend

I know Lauren normally does the weekend update, but I thought I would give her a break and post some photos.

Friday was the start of Philly Beer Week (here’s last years recap) and I joined Lauren and Juli for one of the first official events, the opening of Oude Gueuze Tilquin at Monk’s Cafe.

Monk's Cafe

The bottle was opened at Moeder Lambic in Brussels (which we went to!) then a minute later the first bottle opened in Philadelphia.

Monk's Cafe

Definitely a good lambic and a good start to beer week.

Monk's Cafe

After finishing the gueuze we headed to Good Dog for a drink and snack before I headed home to tidy up the place since the dad and brother were coming in town. After my family got in we grabbed a table outside at Honey’s, enjoyed the amazing weather, and drank a few lagers. We all hung out for a while until those two, tired from their flights in, went to catch up on sleep. Lauren and I went out to Belgium Café to get into some more beer week festivities. We met up with some friends and were excited that they were tapping three different beers from Brugse Zot from Brugge, Belgium as well as some BFM and other choice imports. Unfortunately the C02 was off and the beer was less than stellar so we packed up and grabbed some larger/high life and tried to stay out of too much trouble.

The next day we did a bit of sight seeing and got into tourist mode.

After a bit of walking we grabbed some pizza and headed to a park to eat up. They went the traditional route with giant cheese slices.


I went with the Haymaker pizza from Blackbird, so good.


The rest of the day consisted of the same, walking, resting, eating, and drinking. We tried to go bowling but found out the lanes were closed due to a Lebowski Fest that was going on.

The next day we woke up early, grabbed some breakfast at Wholefoods and got a move on. It was the big TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship. It’s a 156 mile one day race that is a 14.4-mile circuit that routes through Philadelphia and Manayunk and is, “the longest running and most important single-day cycling road race in the United States.” The weather was perfect for a walk down to the art museum and along Kelly drive to check out the race. Swarms of people were out with cowbells in hand cheering on the riders. We watched for a while, took in the sights, then headed to the airport. It was good seeing the family and hoping they enjoyed the beer/food/and bikes us much as we did!







One response to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I always loved sitting along the Manayunk wall to watch the race. Philly beer week and bike racing… I miss home.

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