Two Kinds of Boats

When we got this week’s CSA I knew I wanted to have a “taco night” to use up some of the cilantro. We took a slightly different take on tacos and made what I like to call lettuce boats.

Lettuce boats!

The boats are carrying chickpeas, corn, carrots, tempeh, cilantro, jalapenos and a nutritional yeast cheese sauce I whipped up real quick. It was surprisingly not too messy eating these and they held up quite nicely.

After dinner, Eric and I took a walk down to the Delaware River to check out the newly opened Race St. Pier.

Race St. Pier on the Delaware River

I am beyond excited to see the city of Philadelphia finally doing something with the Delaware River. It has always seemed like a such a missed opportunity for a really cool waterfront. We tend to hang out along the Schuylkill River, since that is finally nice, but I’m excited to start hanging out along the Delaware as well.

Race St. Pier on the Delaware River

Race St. Pier on the Delaware River

We sat for a while and took in the sights along the Delaware. And despite the lack of boats in this photo, we actually saw a ton of boats out on the water.

Race St. Pier on the Delaware River


6 responses to “Two Kinds of Boats

  1. Ohhh I like the new area, too. It’s gorgeous!!

  2. I made some boats too! We filled ours with a sweet potato, soy chorizo and pineapple spicy hash. That lettuce was so beautiful, I tried to find every way I could to showcase it.

  3. We love Race Street Pier. It was just so beautiful , especially at night. Let’s hope it stays that way!

  4. We need a race st. pier meetup. Can we drink on the steps ha?!

  5. That’s awesome. Memphis is building a fancy landing on the Mississippi River that’s supposed to include some kind of riverfront park. Hopefully, when complete, it’ll be badass like that one. I love living near a river, but I’d like more opportunities to enjoy it.

  6. i checked out the race street pier 2 weekends ago… the weather wasn’t so great (grey, windy), but it is such a cool space. love that the trees are bigger– apparently they have been growing for a few years for a different project that is stalled.

    This was the recommendation for developing the waterfront; some of these things will happen, some will not. (the sprawling, big box drifterhouse casino was not recommended, obv!). i actually read most of the proposal a couple years ago while unemployed, and now i work for one of its key players. if you want to really nerd out, i recommend reading it.

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