Photos From The Weekend

I left Lubbock Friday afternoon so I didn’t get back to Philly till late Friday night. I wish I could say the flight was uneventful, but it was really stressful until I finally got on my connection to Philly. I was really worried I would be stuck in Memphis, but luckily made it home!

I spent Saturday morning at home, taking care of some things, while Eric cruised north to the Kensington neighborhood to work on bike stuff. I rode my bike up after lunch to supervise.

Our friend Ricky has a pretty sweet set-up with a garage in his back alley. Eric, Ricky and Jessie were grinding and welding some bikes together for the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby (it’s next weekend FYI!).

I wish I could describe their bike vision, but I’m not sure they even have one. There were three separate bike frames that they were attempting to put together.

I mainly hung out, but eventually the boys trusted me with the power tools and let me grind down some bikes.

After a bit of grinding they got down to welding.

Ricky has an interesting alley, with some very legit graffiti. We’re nothing but a bunch of dead end kids.

Then finally the three frames were together!

So we pushed each other around on it since it didn’t have a chain yet.

The bike work ended kind of late so Eric and I grabbed dinner at Memphis Taproom. We hadn’t been in a while so it was nice to grab a bite to eat. We both ordered their awesome veggie burger.

We spent most of Sunday at a friend’s house for a BBQ and hanging out. The house was in our neighborhood and was really awesome. They had a roof deck with an awesome view of downtown.

It was a super chill weekend and really nice to come back to after a week of vacation. I am so excited about the nicer weather and hanging out outside. I start summer school today, which is kind of drab, but I am ALMOST finished with my pre-reqs!


4 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Wow, that bike is impressive. Maybe Brent and I will try to check out the Derby next weekend!

  2. I am pretty jealous of this space! This is the one think I really hate about NYC/Bklyn. I feel like no one ever has an outdoor workspace or outdoor areas, period. I probably only feel this way because *I* don’t!

  3. Cool bike!

    That veggie burger is making me drool. Yummmmm!

  4. haha i love this post. That bike you guys are building is awesome… bum bars and a cb200 rear wheel.

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