Lubbock or Leave It


This trip home was a very much needed mental break from the real world. The past few weeks were super stressful and the next few are only going to be worse.

I didn’t do a lot while home, but I took a few pictures (mostly from my phone) of the super awesome and relaxing things I did do.

The first thing I did was hang out with Bueller and Baxter, the dogs, a lot. I took them running most mornings and let me tell you, they are a handful.


I spent most of the afternoons hanging out at the pool, swimming some, but mostly reading trashy magazines.


Baxter was really adamant about having his own lounge chair.



One day my dad was nice enough to let me borrow his truck. This was comical for a variety of reasons.

1. The truck is HUGE. I have a Jetta which is tiny compared to this.

2. I don’t  drive often. Maybe once a week or every two weeks? My bike is my main transportation.

3. When I do drive, it’s Philly style, which is completely different than Lubbock style.

4. Let me just re-iterate, this truck is HUGE. Oh well, I guess when in Texas…


In addition to doing a whole lot of nothing, I did eat my fair share, and drink a few beers I can’t find in PA. I also cooked for my parents a few times and they were very open to a few vegan things.

IMG_2779 photo(7)

We went out a few times and I enjoyed two favorites, On the Border and Thai Pepper.

photo(5) CameraBag_Photo_1001

I saw this in the grocery store and thought it was funny. Steelies just casually thrown in there between two nicer beers.

Fact, when Eric and I first met he only drank Steel Reserve. I like to think I opened his eyes to the world of wonderful beer.


I also did my fair share of shopping. Dad, ignore this part…

I got two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two skirts, a shirt and a bathing suit. I needed summer clothes.


I’m coming back to Texas in July and I am already excited. I’ll be spending the 4th in Lubbock then heading down to Austin to hang with my brother and friends for a few days!

I’ll finish this post with a Bueller video. He gets angry when you stop petting him and will growl at you. It’s not mean at all, just really funny.


3 responses to “Lubbock or Leave It

  1. So much fun! Sometimes relaxation at home w/your parents is the best possible vacation from the real world!

  2. Sounds like a relaxing time in Texas. One beer I love is Shiner, I don’t know if I could live without Shiner I moved out of Texas. haha That dog is too cute, my Missy does the same when you stop petting her.

    • When we moved up here I brought Shiner in the car!! They recently started selling it around these parts so I can finally buy it again, but it’s a lot more expensive which sucks.

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