Photos From The Weekend

Eric was gone most of the weekend, riding his bike across Pennsylvania. He told me he will write a post and upload some photos, so I will make sure to bug him about that.

After turning in 1 final and 1 paper on Friday, I headed down to Lincoln Financial Field to pick up my packet for the Broad Street Run. After going to a few different expos, I’ve decided that they aren’t really my thing and I would rather just pick up my packet and immediately leave.

Broad Street Run

I took the shuttle and it dropped us back off at Love Park. After a little shopping, I stopped by the King of Falafel for lunch. I’d never tried this food cart, but there was a good crowd and it was cheap, so I figured I would give it a try.

Lunch at Love Park

The falafel was awesome! I’m officially addicted to falafel. They even add hot sauce to your wrap.

Lunch at Love Park

I took lunch over to Love Park and enjoyed the nice weather.

Lunch at Love Park

I spent the rest of Friday, or most of it, baking cookies for the Philadelphia Vegan Bakesale. I made Mexican Wedding Cookies and Carrot Oatmeal Cookies.

Philadelphia Vegan Bakesale

On Saturday I headed down to Wooden Shoe Books to help out with the bakesale.

Philadelphia Vegan Bakesale

While we didn’t raise as much money as other cities, I think we did really well and had a great turnout! Some people were turned off that the goods were all vegan, a lot of people seemed really excited.

Philadelphia Vegan Bakesale

Philadelphia Vegan Bakesale

Eric ended up surprising me by getting back super early from his ride and I was really happy to see him. We headed home and I got to work on my pre-race meal.
I’ve noticed I have a few pre-race rituals:
1. paint my fingernails some obnoxious colors.
2. eat pizza.
3. drink beer.
I think it sums up my life pretty well too.

I went my normal route with kale and potatoes, but I added some artichokes which were awesome.

Pre-race pizza

Hells to the yeah.

Pre-race pizza

After a pretty restless night we were up early to head out for Broad Street. Like last year, Eric drove me to the Broad Street subway line and dropped me off. I took the subway up to North Philly and got to the start way early.

Broad Street Run

So this race…
I really don’t know what to say because I ran this race 2 minutes faster than Cherry Blossom, which was 4 weeks ago, but it was so tough on me mentally and physically. All 10 miles sucked. I started out way too fast and was running 8 minute miles. Eventually I settled into a good pace but then I started to get really hot. Last year it was 90 degrees and I have no idea how I survived because I was dying in the 70 degree weather this year. So while my finish time was good, my splits were terrible and I felt like shit when I finished. Lesson learned, don’t get too ballsy at the start.

Broad Street Run

Broad Street Run

I saw Eric twice along the course, then met up with him at the finish, and we took the subway home.

Broad Street Run

Grissom was jealous that Kitta got to wear my medal, so I let him wear it for a bit too.

Broad Street Run

And I am now taking a running break, or long run break, until marathon training starts in June!

After cleaning up a bit Eric and I headed out for brunch at A Full Plate. It’s BYOB so we brought a bottle to celebrate Eric riding from Pittsburgh to Philly, which is about 400 miles, and for me running 10 miles.

Brunch at A Full Plate

And then we ate. There was french toast, roasted potatoes and mac n cheese.

Brunch at A Full Plate

I was wiped out after lunch and napped most of the afternoon. After being so lazy it hurt, I made us get outside and be lazy at the park.

Hanging at Liberty Lands Park

I brought proper park material, carrots, hummus, strawberries and celebrity gossip.

Hanging at Liberty Lands Park

Hanging at Liberty Lands Park

Hanging at Liberty Lands Park

It was really nice to just sit outside and do nothing, and a really great end to the weekend.

Hanging at Liberty Lands Park


19 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. pamela chesnutt

    the last two pics of you and Eric are so cute-print them and bring them 4×6 I love them. So proud of both of you love you guys

  2. that is possibly the cutest picture ive ever seen. congrats on the finish! i was keeping an eye out for you, but of course, no luck among 30,000 people 😦 just to verify what you said about the heat – it felt HOTTTT yesterday. i didnt run last year but i kept thinking how i have no idea how people managed to finish in 90 degree weather.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t feel great, but still, congrats on the finish and the bested time, especially with yesterday’s heat!

    I like the Broad Street shirts this year – something different.

    • I wasn’t sold on the color of the shirts at first, but I think it’s starting to grow on me. Worst case it will be nice for early morning runs since I’ll be easy to spot, heh.

  4. Congrats on the race! Finishing the ones that feel tough is an accomplishment in itself.

  5. I died too! I felt great last year but I was also running much slower. I started off with my fast-azz friend Faye and I think that killed me for the second half ha. Good job either way!!! I am taking a running break, too…not planning on doing anything longer than 2-5 for a few months. Did you decide to do BFL?!

    • I am going to do a half-ass version of BFL, haha. I am going to do the workouts (was going to start this morning but was way more sore than I thought I’d be). I’m not going to totally follow the diet since it’s pretty difficult as a vegan and I’d have to rely on a lot of fake protein sources. BUT, I am going to up my protein a lot and really pay attention to what I’m eating. I hope you will post some of the workouts you do for some inspiration! I’m hoping to do upper body tomorrow!

  6. oh, my husband LOVES exit 13. good choice. (and i, someone who isn’t really a fanatic about beer enjoy it too.)

    also, is that OATMEAL on the french toast? crazy!

  7. Counter Culture has some fucking awesome french toast. They put cashew cream on that mothereffer and smother it in strawberries for a great foodgasm.
    Congrats on the race. Dying during a race is only temporary and you left with a better time than your previous race! Fuck jah!

  8. It was so hot yesterday! I was definitely not expecting that heat. It really makes me wonder how I didn’t die during last year’s race. But congrats on your run!!!

  9. WHADDUP, dude? No. 1, I admire you and your dude’s fitness, and reading your blog makes me super envious/makes me feel fat HAH. No. 2, are you guys going to the Cafeteria Show that your friend Julianna blogged about (b/c I’m a total internet creeper when I’m bored)? b/c if you are, maybe we’ll actually bump into each other! or I’ll just stop and stop being a creeper…but congrats to her from me, b/c it looks like a pretty rad show!

    • I am so happy that you are an internet creeper because I am the biggest creeper ever.
      I’m not going because I’ll be out of town, and now I am so freaking bummed! We could have met and compared cat tattoos!!

  10. Last year’s heat and crowds totally turned me off of Broad Street Run this year. Oh, and that it filled up in three days. I would have signed up earlier had I known about the medals! There were no medals last year which made me extra salty about it this year. I was bummed to miss it! Good job as always! You make it sound so easy!

  11. damn, kattoos?! this I did not know, slash I have so much more respect for you! well, I hope you keep posting interesting goings-ons abt town so that we can run into each other soon! and I need ideas for things to do on my wknds, since I still don’t know this metropolis that well…have fun out of town!

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