Photos From The Weekend

It was raining off and on Friday night through Saturday so Eric and I stayed put in our apartment and got a few different things accomplished.

It finally stopped raining Saturday afternoon so I took Eric along for a Monster Miler run! I run down to the adoption center, they tell me which dog to take, then I go out for 3-4 miles. I was excited Eric came along so he could take some pictures.

We too Chunk out, who I had gotten to know earlier in the week when I ran him. He’s pretty goofy but a super awesome dog (hint hint, in case anyone wants to adopt him).

We stopped and took some pictures along the Delaware River.

We become quite the hermits during the winter so Eric and I decided to have some friends over Saturday night.
Grissom is the king of the hipster cats.

I was excited to drink some fancy beers with my favorite beer drinking lady.

We had a pretty decent group of friends over.

It was also our friend Rob’s birthday!

So we celebrated with bum wine.

The party was fun, although it was a total dude party. I guess I need to invite more ladies to these?

We stayed up pretty late which meant a slow start on Sunday morning. The weather was amazing on Sunday so we headed to One Shot Coffee to hang out and soak up the sunshine.

We also brought the tall bike out for the Sunday stroll. Eric built this a few years ago and it’s always a big hit and I love seeing people’s reactions when you ride past them on this.

We tried to go out for ice cream later, but the place was closed! I decided to come home and bake a coconut cake because coconut always reminds me of spring. I used this recipe, but did a different icing. It turned out really well and I will definitely make this again.


5 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. What a precious dog to run with! You’re lucky – I can’t get mine to go for more than a mile without tiring out on me!

  2. I love that pup! If I didn’t live in a 500 sq foot apartment I’d be a crazy dog lady… also I think I need to come to your ‘dude parties’ hahaha πŸ™‚

  3. That dog is ADORABLE! I am sure he LOVED the run. My dogs look at me like I am crazy when I want them to run with me. They are even in good shape. Our black and white pit mix just stops and lays down sometimes. He gets back up after 30 seconds or so but it is just pittiful πŸ˜‰ (pun intended).

  4. count me in as one more gal down to party! and maybe our cats can have a hipster cat-off, heh. πŸ™‚

    you two ladies and your shiny, shiny hair… it must be the beer. 😎

  5. I’ve just gotten into fostering animals and heard about running programs for shelters. I love this idea, I plan to check on what shelters in my area do this!

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