It’s Easter Time!

Easter is a pretty big deal in my family, and it has nothing to do with the rising of Jesus. It’s a time of eating a bunch of candy and hunting Easter eggs. Yea, my brother and I still hunt eggs, except these days they are filled with money and lottery tickets (aren’t you wishing you were in our family?!).

I can’t make it home to Texas this year but my mom was awesome enough to send me an Easter surprise. She sent VEGAN PEEPS!!!!!!!!!

Vegan Peeps

Sweet and Sara released vegan peeps this year and I was really excited to try them out, even though I was never a fan of the regular peeps. These are awesome. And I’m in a sugar coma now.

Vegan Peeps

There were also a few other surprises as well.

I had to pick up my package from the post office which is always comical. My mom ordered everything from Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe so the package said vegan on it. Of course the postal employee had to start talking to be about veganism and then told me my hair must be so pretty because I am vegan. What? Ok…
He then went on to tell me about his ex-girlfriend who was vegan and how he should probably go back to be vegan. It was a really random story.


Vegan Peeps


16 responses to “It’s Easter Time!

  1. Those peeps are so much cuter than the neon yellow ones too!

  2. Those peeps are so much more adorable and tasty-er looking than the original! (not to mention much bigger!). My family doesn’t do much for Easter, but luckily my boyfriend’s family is more into it and they always give us an Easter basket filled with candy =p

  3. I got my package from your mom too but I wasn’t sure who it was from. I thought I had a stalker. All of my stuff melted so I’ve got some peeps with runny mascara.

  4. Dude those vegan peeps are awesome.
    At penn state, my best friend lived on the 11th floor of a building across the street from a very popular pizza joint….we used to stock up on peeps after easter and throw them off their balcony down to all the drunk munching students. It’s one of my most random college memories. Imagine a peep flying at you out of nowhere.. I believe this is one of those had to be there things but you made me think of it and it cracks me up. We also threw off parachute army men (Dorks).

  5. I love that your family still celebrates Easter! My bf bought me S&S peeps (or skippers and tweeters or whatever Sara is calling them!) at the NY Veg Fest. Sara is a miracle-maker.

    And, uh, your hair probably IS so pretty because you’re vegan. Didn’t you know that? That’s why most people go vegan, I hear.

  6. ahhh! this post tempted me to walk over to pink dolphin and get a sweet & sara s’mores. love those! šŸ˜Ž

  7. Those are soooo adorable! I bet they would go so well with some cocoa!

  8. Vegan Peeps sound delicious1

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