Photos From The Weekend

Yay we finally had a super fun and busy weekend!
The weather was gorgeous on Friday so Eric left work early. We headed out to Dos Segundos for happy hour. We used to go almost every Friday last year. Beers and chips and salsa were welcomed with open arms.

On our walk home I modeled my new bag from The Church of Seitan.

The Church of Seitan

I won this bag from The Discerning Brute and I LOVE it.

The Church of Seitan

We ran into Kitta Marie in the backyard and she wanted to say hello!

Our plans for going out quickly diminished when I fell asleep watching a movie after dinner.
But we were up early Saturday morning to run a bunch of errands and try to beat the rain.

I love riding my bike through the city on weekend mornings. It’s so dead and you don’t have to fear for your life.

We did a bunch of shopping and hit up H&M, J. Crew, Lush and Philadelphia Runner. We had a Groupon to Sweet Freedom and headed there to pick up some mid-morning snacks.

We picked up a cake ball, cinnamon roll, apple crisp and cookie sandwich. Unfortunately most of our desserts were ruined in the rain later in the day 😦 .

We finished up stuff downtown and rode over to Maoz for some falafel for lunch. Not as good as the falafel we had in Europe, but it hit the spot and was cheap.

And then we headed to the National Museum of American Jewish History! Eric and I have wanted to check it out since it opened and there was a Groupon a few weeks ago. I picked up two tickets and it seemed like a good idea to finally go since it was supposed to rain all Saturday.

American Jewish Museum

You aren’t supposed to take pictures inside, but I snuck a few.

American Jewish Museum

The museum was cool and packed with information.
When we left it was already pouring outside so Eric and I headed home.

American Jewish Museum

We had plans to go out Saturday night, but it rained and rained forever. I didn’t feel like braving it so we just stayed in.
It was probably for the best because we had to wake up really early for Eric’s bike race in the morning.

Eric's bike race

Eric's bike race

Let’s just say the race didn’t go as planned and was a pretty big bummer for a lot of people. Bike races are totally different than running races.

Eric's bike race

After the race was more bike fun! Eric’s bike team had to provide bike support for the Girls with Gears ride. I decided to join and ride along since I hadn’t been on the bike in a while.

Girls with Gears Ride

Girls with Gears Ride

I wish we had taken the camera on the ride, but we forgot! The first half was really pretty and we had some nice rolling hills. The second half was really windy and it felt like we just went uphill the entire time.

We ended up riding about 30 miles, which was a lot for me! I was freeeeezing by the end though.

Girls with Gears Ride

I was beat by the end of the ride. Eric and I drove back to the city and I made us a pizza with a new crust recipe.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like this, a little tired.


15 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. we were at dos segundos friday, but later (7ish?). love that they’ve had sixpoint sweet action on tap recently!

    the jewish american museum is pretty cool. my man and i were pretty nerdy and paying more attention to the architecture than the exhibits, though. 🙂

  2. A reader told me about Sweet Freedom and that I have to check it out when I’m in town for the Philidelphia Marathon. Any place I can get some baked goods and I am definitely there 🙂

  3. Hooray bikes!

  4. Looks like a great weekend, except for that part about the desserts getting ruined. That may be the saddest thing I’ve heard all day. 😦

  5. How did I not get an email for the Sweet Freedom Groupon? Bummer dude!

  6. I’ve never been to a real bike race – I’d love to hear more about what they’re like!

    • Ha maybe I will have Eric describe them someday. This one was 15 miles but the course looped around every mile which was nice because I got to see them go by a bunch.

  7. Thats funny, Michelle and my mom also said something about how different the atmosphere was at the bike race compared to girls with gears or a 5k.

    • Interesting…
      It definitely seems more elitist than other things I’ve been too.
      But, we all need to head out for another ride soon! I need more time in the saddle!

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