Photos From The Weekend

Despite the reason behind my trip to Texas, overall it was a great trip and I had a lot of fun. I don’t think things could have gone more smoothly or perfect. I got to see family members I haven’t seen in years and it was a very special weekend. Thank you everyone for your comments, emails and tweets! They meant a lot to me and my family.

I flew into Dallas on Friday and my friend Morgan picked up me. We headed over to a bar right outside downtown to meet up with some of my old Dallas friends (and coworkers!).

The Cedars Social

When I left Philly it was cold and rainy so I was beyond excited for some sunshine and warm weather in Dallas. We got a table outside and drank a few cocktails.

The Cedars Social

The Cedars Social

The Cedars Social

All former Lubbock-ites living (or lived) in Dallas.

The Cedars Social

My family picked me up later that night and we headed out to the suburbs. Saturday was my grandmother’s funeral and everyone met at my grandparent’s house beforehand.
I don’t think my cousins and I have all been together in over 10 years, so we took a ton of photos.

All the grandchildren with my grandpa.

Me with all my cousins, I’m the oldest!

Me and the cousins plus my brother.

The service was wonderful, happy, sad, funny, probably every emotion you could feel. We spent the rest of the day hanging out, first at my aunts, then back at my grandparents.


Grandparent's pug


My grandpa is going to go to Florida for a few months to live with my aunt and uncle. Then he is going to move back to Texas and live in Lubbock. It will be nice having in Lubbock and I’ll be able to see him more.


This also meant we had to start cleaning out the house. I had a lot of fun going through old photos and found this awesome one of my uncle.


We wrapped things up pretty late and I headed to dinner with my parents. My dad and I got some mugs of Shiner Bock because you HAVE to drink Shiner in Texas. It’s the law.

Shiner Bock

And they were very much enjoyed!
Shiner Bock

I headed back to Philly on Sunday and it’s nice to be back home. I’m trying to make another trip to Texas in a month so hopefully that works out!


2 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I’m glad everything went well for you this weekend.
    I need to make a trip back to LBK sometime soon…can’t believe I actually miss it!

  2. While a death is sad when you celebrate the person’s life with family and friends it can be a very good experience. I am glad your trip went well.

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