Photos From The Weekend

Thanks everyone for hanging around and reading all of our trip recaps. We had a blast and I was really excited to be able to document it through the blog! I actually have one more trip related post that I want to write, but I might wait a week or two.

And now we are back to our regular (aka boring and not so adventurous posting). If you live ANYWHERE near the east coast then you know the weather was amazing on Friday. It was sunny and in the mid 70s all day.

We met up with some friends at the Art Museum and hung out outside most of the night. If you live in Philly the steps of the museum are a great place to just sit and people watch. It was pretty busy for a weekend.

Hanging at the Art Museum

There ended up being a pretty large group of us hanging out, party on the ledge at the museum!

Hanging at the Art Museum

The classiest of classy beverages were consumed, as always!

Hanging at the Art Museum

Saturday morning Eric and I headed out to the ‘burbs for some errands and were able to swing by the Plymouth Meeting Whole Foods for groceries. This Whole Foods is slightly cheaper than the ones in the city and they have beer! We picked up this Left Hand that we had never had. It’s pretty delicious and is a nice break from all the Belgium beer we recently consumed.

After returning home we were pretty useless. We caught up on all the important things we missed while gone. Cat loving, TV and laundry.

Eric and I put together a pretty epic dinner of soft tacos. I made a raw nut mix with some walnuts, soy sauce, cumin and cayenne. I also made my cheeze sauce.

We finished our Saturday night by watching Pitt lose, thus ruining my entire bracket. Damn you Pitt!

We had a lazy start on Sunday morning and Eric was kind enough to make waffles! He’s still working on a recipe but hopefully in a few weeks I can make him post it.

We spent the afternoon apart doing our own thing.
I want to write a whole post about this, but here’s a quick bit about what I did for a bit on Sunday. I recently, as in last week, started volunteering with The Monster Milers. It’s a program that works with a local animal shelter and you run dogs that are up for adoption. I’ve been wanting to start volunteering for a while and this just seems like the perfect thing. I love running and I love dogs!

Anyways, Sunday was my first run. I ran down to PAWS and picked up Champ! I think he’s a newbie at the shelter but he was a blast to run with.

The Monster Milers

We ran about 3 miles together but there was a lot of stopping to sniff and a little bit of just hanging out in the grass together.

The Monster Milers

It was so much fun and it’s so needed for the dogs. My plan is to run with a few more this week and then hopefully do a big post on it all. Maybe feature the dogs I run with in case anyone is interested in adopting them?

The Monster Milers

While I was off running Eric was off watching a bike race at Temple. He said it was pretty funny to see a race like this in the city, but I’m glad he got to go check it out.

Bike Race at Temple

We stayed home the rest of Sunday and made a simple dinner of chickpeas, collards and quinoa. I need to get back on my game of taking dinner pictures! I’m so excited for some evening light.


7 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I get all excited when I see people volunteering for the Monster Milers!The Monster Minders have been walking our dogs since Sophie was a tiny bite-y baby, and I am representing them to establish a 501(c)(3) for the Milers. They’re just such great people.

    • Hah that’s so awesome that you know all about this and are doing all that! I am so excited to work with them since I’m (aka my cats) aren’t quite ready for a dog.

  2. I know it was soo gorgeous on Friday! (today, not so much…bleh!)

    That pic on Temple’s campus is making me so nostalgic! haha.

  3. The food looks delicious and I’m jealous of waffles.

    I love that dog! That sounds like such a great program!

  4. OMG I met Champ a couple days ago. He is such a sweet boy!! đŸ™‚ I love that you’re doing that — maybe I will join you for a run one of these days.

  5. Chase had chickpeas! And KALE…..this boy is broadening his horizons with each dinner.

  6. Oh my goodness. Champ is sooo adorable! Those ears! Good for you for doing this!

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