Brussels Days 8 & 9

We’ve had a few comments about how we know which Belgian beers are vegan and Eric is going to write something about that in the next day or two. He will provide a much better explanation, but for the most part, all Belgian beers are vegan.

Alright, I am going to try to wrap up this trip! We took the train back to Brussels Saturday morning. Even though we stayed in Brussels for the majority of the trip, we hadn’t spent much time there.

We booked a hotel through Priceline for the last two nights and it worked out quite well.

I named my backpack my turtle shell for the trip because I thought I looked like a turtle while wearing it.


As soon as we dropped off our bags we headed back to the Cantillon Brewery. We wanted to pick up a few things to bring back with us. But of course we had to have a beer or two.

IMG_5658 IMG_5651

When we were at the beer festival last week some people gave us the name of a bar in Brussels to try out. We didn’t know where it was so Eric asked the nice older lady at the gift shop for directions. Well next thing we knew she offered to partially walk us to the bar. We are thinking she is just crazy but decide to go with her and follow her. We’re talking to her and then she tells us that she is the grand-daughter of the founding Cantillon brewery. How awesome is that? And that she still works at the brewery and it’s still all in the family. It really makes you appreciate it even more.

So the bar we headed to was called Moeder Lambic.


They had a pretty large amount of beers on tap and a lot were breweries we had yet to try.

IMG_1827 IMG_5668 IMG_1810

And I might have had my favorite beer of the trip!


If you are in Brussels and like beer I highly recommend Moeder Lambic.

After finishing up we headed across the street to eat falafel. If you haven’t noticed, we did eat a lot of falafel on the trip. And we ate a lot more than I even posted. Mainly because it’s inexpensive and fillings.

Anyways we headed to Mr. Falafel, it was good, but it was no Sonny’s in Amsterdam.


After eating we had one last bar on our mind, the Delirium Cafe!



It was Saturday night so the bar was pretty crazy. It’s probably best described as a college bar, except with really, really nice beers. Eric and I luckily scored a table and were able to hang out for most of the night.

IMG_1856 IMG_1855

It ended up being a pretty late night but we woke up Sunday morning and explored a lot of Brussels.

IMG_1870 IMG_1862

IMG_1890 IMG_5704 IMG_5709 IMG_5715 IMG_5751 IMG_1885

I’m so, so, so happy Eric and I took this trip. When I was in college I took advantage of being able to travel often. As I got older I just kept making excuses, it costs too much money, I’d have to take too much time off work, etc. Then it hit me that it’s just going to get harder and harder. I love travelling and really want to make it a priority as long as I can.


7 responses to “Brussels Days 8 & 9

  1. Manneken Pis?

    Keep traveling… You’re in the perfect location to hop on over to Europe… and I bet Eric has the bug, too. 😉

  2. Thank you for the travel log!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling vicariously through you. 🙂

  3. i love how classic it looks. the architecture is so pretty. 🙂 mmmff

  4. What fun!! I am so envious of your worldly adventures. 🙂 Looks so great!!!

  5. That last bit really hit home for me. I know how easy it is to put off traveling because of time or money but these are the times when we are most able to travel especially to far away places! thanks for the reminder and the great pictures, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  6. Hey, big fan of your blog.
    Me and the man have been dying to go to Belgium… how was the language barrier? What did you find most people speaking?
    Love the pics, definitely inspiring me to start planning.
    Sally Sp.

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment! We luckily never ran into a language barrier! It’s true that everyone spoke English. In Brussels we found everyone speaking French, and out of courtesy we would try to communicate in basic French but they would just respond in English. When we went to Ghent, Antwerp and Sint Niklaas everyone spoke Dutch, but also perfect English. We don’t know any Dutch but never ran into any issues.

      Definitely try to go to Belgium! It was a really awesome country and everyone there was so friendly.

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