Amsterdam Day 7

We’re currently back in Philly, safe and sound, but I still wanted to go through and post the posts I wrote while on the trip.

We really didn’t have anything planned for this day and we spent most of the day walking around aimlessly. In afterthought we should have made a trip outside of the city, but next time!

Our day started by walking through the park near our apartment. I think I made it very apparent in the last post that I am a crazy cat person so I was pretty excited to find this cat in the park.



We walked over to the museum area, which was really close to our apartment, and hung out. We didn’t go in to any museums but it was nice to see the buildings.


Despite not doing much, we did do some serious walking. We found ourselves back at De Boelhed because we wanted to try out some of their desserts. And for any cat lovers, there is a cat that lives in the restaurant!


I ordered the chocolate chip cookie and Eric ordered the apple pie.

IMG_1794 IMG_1786 IMG_1791

We spent most of the day going from bike shop to bike shop hoping to find some cool things for our bikes. I ended up getting a seat cover and Eric and I each got front racks for our bikes. The racks were $100 cheaper than the ones we found in the US! Definitely worth it to haul them around for a few days.


We are currently on our way back to Brussels and I am pretty excited to spend a day and a half there before heading back to Philly!


One response to “Amsterdam Day 7

  1. Your trip looked like so much fun!
    Your hair is beautiful!!!

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