Amsterdam Day 6

We did a little bit more today and started off by walking through the outdoor market that is a block away from our apartment! This market spans about 7 blocks. They have everything from food to furniture.


Right by the market is Sonny’s Falafel. We had looked this place up earlier and it seemed really veg-friendly and inexpensive so we were pretty excited to try it.


Sonny’s did not disappoint! The falafel was fresh and there was a huge toppings bar. On a random note, we’ve noticed the pita bread is different here. It’s a lot more fluffy and airy, and I think a lot better than US pita bread.


Once we ate we headed towards the cat museum, Katten Kabinet!!


It’s no secret that I like cats and I had been really excited about this museum for weeks. The museum is weird though, and probably only cat people would enjoy it. It’s fairly small and houses cat related artwork. And there are 5 cats that live in the museum!

IMG_1703 IMG_1712 IMG_1717

This makes me sound like a major dork, but I really wanted to get a picture of me, in the cat museum, in my cat dress, with my cat tattoos. IMG_1734 IMG_1725 IMG_1728

Yeeaahh I like cats.

Since Eric was nice enough to go to the cat museum with me, I’ve been nice enough to go to every single bike shop we have seen. Haha.

We did stop by Pristine, a fixed gear bike shop that has a small vegan cafe upstairs. They make their cupcakes in house but were out when we were there. Hopefully we can stop back by and try them.


There was a lot of walking around.

IMG_1760 IMG_1745 IMG_1756

And we stopped in a few bars here and there to rest and have a drink.

IMG_1751 IMG_1747

Towards the end of the day we finally visited the Anne Frank House. If you EVER go to the house, go at the end of the day. Both times I have been I’ve done this and there is usually not a line. Earlier in the day the line is down the block so it’s definitely worth it to wait to go.

IMG_1768 IMG_1766

We went to dinner just a few blocks up from the house and tried De Bolhoed. It had been recommended to us and we were eager to try it. It’s all vegetarian with vegan items clearly starred. They also feature a vegan plate of the day and have a few vegan desserts.


I ordered the salad bar, which is a salad they make for you at their salad bar. The portions here are HUGE but I am so happy to see a ton of veggies instead of just fake meat substitutes.


Eric ordered the vegan meal of the day which had a ton of different options. That day the meal has a tempeh rago, pesto quinoa, fennel and butternut squash, mushrooms, and about 3 other things we forgot about.


It’s definitely worth a visit. It seemed like you probably need reservations if you go on a weekend, but they were able to squeeze us in on a weekday.

We were quite full after dinner so we did a lot of walking to digest.


9 responses to “Amsterdam Day 6

  1. EEK! You are SO freaking ADORABLE! and you look like you’re having an amazing time, live it up! 🙂

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my gosh, you are making me miss Amsterdam! It was one of my favorite cities in Europe!
    Are you still actually there, or is the trip over? If you’re still over there, two more places I’d recommend eating are Koh-I-Noor Indian restaurant, mydabba, and Sea Palace. And check out their awesome public library, and of course the flower market and the Grasshopper!

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    *Three more places, rather 🙂

  4. CAT MUSEUM!!! HIGH FIVE FOR THAT! Yay!!! Looks wonderful.

  5. I am loving your adventures – but the cat museum is probably the most absurd and coolest photo that I have ever seen. You need to blow it up and frame it, hang it in the living room and voila: Instant conversation piece.

    All of the food looks great! FYI, there is a new place in the old Swift Half called Gunners Run that is open now that has some vegan stuff and good beer (vegan fries with a dipping sauce?) Just something to convince you to come back to No Libs eventually! 😉

  6. Beautiful pictures! I wish German falafel shops had those awesome topping bars.

  7. The cat dress + the cat museum is hilarious! haha. I want to gobble that falafel…the pita does indeed look much better than what you can get around here.

  8. wait… WHAT!?!?! A CAT MUSEUM!!?!?!?!?!!!!!! i need to go, and i’m very proud of your for taking pictures in the museum with your cat dress and your tattoos. this is why we were made to be friends. so jealous.

  9. Dying over the entire cat ensemble at the cat museum! Now you’ve got me totally pumped for our trip to Amsterdam – if I had even an inkling that this was there I think we’d have made the trip long ago. Cat people yo!

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