Amsterdam Day 5

We don’t have wireless internet at our current place so this post is a day late!

We left Brussels on Wednesday morning and a short 3 hour train ride later we were in Amsterdam!

Eric and I are renting another apartment through and it’s just south of center city in the De Pijp neighborhood. It’s a small apartment but I really like being out of the major tourist area.

We spent most of Wednesday just walking and walking.


Amsterdam is pretty vegan friendly and has a few all vegan restaurants and a lot of vegetarian restaurants. We went to Golden Temple for dinner which wasn’t too far from our apartment. It’s all vegetarian but has a ton of vegan options all clearly marked.


I got this cute face in my hummus!


They have a few platter choices and you can pick and choose 4 different small dishes. Eric went with the Indian platter.


They had 2 dessert options and we ordered the raw chocolate orange cake. This cake was out of this world. I haven’t had too many raw desserts but I thought this one was delicious.


Before heading home we swung by a neighborhood bar to have a beer.



3 responses to “Amsterdam Day 5

  1. mmm Indian food is my favorite! I totally want to eat that picture haha

    Looks like you guys are having an awesome trip!

  2. I love Amsterdam so much! I could walk around there for days, too!
    How did you find out about which beers are vegan in the Netherlands and Belgium? I always wonder if they filter them with some nasty stuff.

  3. Love the hummus smiley 🙂

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