Ghent Day 4

Yesterday we took the train out of Brussels and ventured to Ghent! Or Gent!


We were greeted by a thousand bikes, just our style. But we set off on foot to wander around the city. The station is a little out of the center of town, but it’s not a bad walk at all.


We arrived around lunchtime and headed to Avalon. It seemed like you needed reservations, but they were able to squeeze us in. HappyCow also said it was all vegan, but we saw some cheese and milk on the menu but it seemed like you could opt out without any problems. I ordered the plate of the day and Eric ordered the Tempeh Rueben which came with almost everything that was on the plate of the day.

 IMG_5343 IMG_5336

Our waitress confirmed that they had vegan desserts so we ordered the apple crisp and a brownie. Unfortunately the brownie was made with banana and tasted just like bananas so I was kind of bummed. Luckily Eric finished it all for me.


After lunch we walked all around the city.

IMG_5358 IMG_1630 IMG_1639

And I found a few more fry men!

IMG_5374 IMG_1590

Oh hey, even the bikes have parking lots!


It started to get dark and cold so we stopped in a bar for a few beers.

IMG_1649 IMG_1643 IMG_1647

We decided to grab dinner on our way to the train station and stopped at GreenWay.

IMG_1664 IMG_1662 IMG_1661

The first thing I spotted was vegan brownies! SCORE!


They have a few vegan items on the menu and they are all clearly labeled. Also, the staff was really friendly and helpful. I ordered a tofu salad which had probably the best tofu ever, and I am a big tofu hater. It was nice to fill up on veggies though.


Eric couldn’t decide so he ordered the carrot burger and the tempeh club. If you leave in Philly and have had the tempeh club at Royal Tavern, you know it’s good. Well this club BLEW Royal’s out of the water. Most amazing sandwich ever! I ended up stealing half of Eric’s sandwich just so I could have more for myself.


They also have sriracha, making them even cooler!


Thanks for the rad time Ghent! You were a cool city and super veggie friendly.


We are off to Amsterdam today! I hope we have internet again.


8 responses to “Ghent Day 4

  1. You’re killing me with all these gorgeous pictures of Belguim. You guys are making tracks, and I love it! Safe travels in Amsterdam. Go to the Anne Frank Huis. And the Van Gogh Museum.

  2. Thanks for letting me travel to Belgium vicariously.

    Are the beers vegan? listed in Barnivore?

    Tell me about why the tofu was so good!

    I’m off to Wilmington today.

    Have a good trip.


  3. I’ve been loving your updates this week, happy travels! My boyfriend and I are going out to germany & amsterdam in august and your trip is making me so excited! Can’t wait to hear about your day tomorrow!

    • That’s so awesome you two are making a trip! There are a few good places in amsterdam and of course falafel on pretty much every street corner. It is going to be so much fun!

  4. I am drooling over your eats for the day! And now I kind of want to get a waffle cutter to make those cool cukes on your lunch plate.

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