Brussels Day 3

Yesterday was definitely a more low key today. We were a little slow to get moving in the morning and I am going to blame jet-lag, not the beer from the beer fest 🙂

We headed out for some food but got to this place just as they stopped serving lunch.


Since we were starving we stopped by a Le Pain Quotidien that wasn’t too far away. We knew the food was good and the menu is a little different from the one in Philly. And the restaurant started in Belgium so we get atleast a little credit!

Eric ordered a quinoa and veggie soup.

IMG_5272 IMG_5269

I went with a grilled vegetable salad that was amazing.


The weather was really nice yesterday so we spent some time walking around the neighborhood, and luckily the neighborhood includes the shopping district!

We also toured some old buildings, I think this was the courthouse? It was really really pretty.


IMG_5278 IMG_5276

Most everything is in two languages, French and Dutch! I know a little French and some German which is sort of similar to Dutch so we have been getting by ok. Eric is picking up some French words as well, he’s doing a good job too!



I think we are off to Ghent for the day! It should be a fun mini-trip.


3 responses to “Brussels Day 3

  1. It looks like a blast!! Hope you’re having fun 🙂

  2. Off topic…Topo Chico glass bottles bottom dollar stores in suburbs of PA…88c

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