Brussels Day 1

We successfully arrived in Brussels, Belgium without any issues! Our plane ride was a breeze, only about 8 hours, and I slept the majority of the time.


Eric and I had requested vegan meals for the plane and we were fairly pleased with what we received. If you do request a vegan meal, make sure to atleast check the ingredients of some of the stuff. The butter we got was vegan (even said 100% vegan on it!) but the balsamic vinaigrette was not.


Once we arrived we had to figure out what to do because we couldn’t check into our apartment for a few hours. We decided to go into the center of Brussels to walk around and then walk to the apartment.



  IMG_1343 IMG_5134IMG_1354 IMG_1357 IMG_5042IMG_1358 IMG_5039 

We are staying in apartments for most of our trip. I booked them through and so far I am very pleased. I didn’t want to stay in hostels and hotels were still pricey. The apartments range in price, but we are paying under $100/night for every place and we have a full kitchen, so we can cook most of our meals to save even more money!


Our apartment in Brussels is in the Ixelles neighborhood and is really convenient to everything.

 IMG_1442 IMG_1439 IMG_1441

Once we got settled we headed out and decided to try a restaurant called Oz Fair for lunch. It was listed as Vegan on HappyCow but unfortunately that is not the case. We found this out after we ordered the only thing offered, the plate of the day. We ate what we could though. I would recommend this place if you are vegetarian, but not if you are vegan.

 IMG_1364 IMG_1369

After lunch we continued on until we reached Cantillon Brewery!! Now this is unlike any brewery I have been too. It’s old. The beer is really different. And there are spider webs everywhere which they say is good for the environment. I highly recommend a trip here if you are in town. They offer tours in a few different languages as well.

IMG_1425IMG_1370 IMG_1372IMG_1376IMG_1382IMG_1388IMG_5105      IMG_5070  IMG_5095

After the tour we hung around for a bit and drank a few beers. We tried the Gueze, Faro, Lambic, Rose de Gambrinus and the Vigneronne.

IMG_1411 IMG_5129

We were pretty tired by the end of the day and we picked up a few beers and made some food at the apartment.


To make it even more romantic we caught up on last week’s Jersey Shore.


We just woke up and I am not sure what our plans are for today!


13 responses to “Brussels Day 1

  1. pamela chesnutt

    looks beautiful and seems so much fun Love you guys

  2. pamela chesnutt

    Think I erased my comment-looks beautiful and like so much fun I love you guys-keep posting

  3. This is amazing! I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  4. What a fun trip! I love that Chi Chi’s is there, haha. Have fun!

  5. Looks like such a blast! Spider webs… I’ve never heard that before.

    Do you have free wireless everywhere you go?

    • It’s not as available as I hoping! Our apartment has it but I haven’t seen it too much in cafes and what not. The train station has wi-fi but you had to pay.

  6. I’m so happy you’re able to update while you’re there! I’m getting so excited to go there myself. Have so much fun!

  7. Augh. So jealous. I love the apartment idea — it’s so much better to be able to take advantage of all the amazing markets in Europe. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 🙂

  8. Can we get matching tattoos of “In potatoes we trust.”?
    Looks like fun. Let me know how your experience with airbnb was! ERIC, YOUR BEARD?!? I THINK YOU FORGOT TO PACK IT BUDDY.

  9. Looks like fun Lauren! Have such a great time……. I know you have been looking forward to this trip with Eric! Enjoy sweetheart!

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