Photos From The Weekend

A few photos of the cats accurately sum up our weekend.

Lazy bums. I keep telling them to get a job.

We actually did a lot of planning for our upcoming Europe trip. We leave on Friday! We had to do important stuff like get money. And look at places to eat. Oh and actually book places for us to stay. Most of our ‘itinerary’ is planned but I think this is the least type A I have been about a trip ever.

We met up with Juli and she gave me my belated Christmas present. Sums up my life. Cats. Pugs. The Internet.

She also gave us some sweet temporary tattoos. Look Ma I got another cat tattoo!

Eric headed out and rode some hills with his ‘bike team.’ Straight out of the 80’s.

Because I have the bestest boy in the world he came home with goods for me. A Congo Bar from Nick’s Vegan!!!

I’m in love with this bar. For reals.


2 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I love the expression and whiskers of your black cat…he looks so wise! haha

    Have fun in Europe!!

  2. OMG! I had an old baby doll tee (when those were cool) with that same fairy cat on it! I used to wear it with my big ole JNCOs (when those were cool). 🙂

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