Photos From The Weekend

This was definitely a lazy and relaxing weekend. And with lots of cat loving!

Sexi model pose.

The weather was beautiful on Friday so I took my studying outside. Grissom joined me and oversaw anatomy and physiology.

Eric and I went in to center city and then out to dinner but I never once busted out the camera. It was kind of nice to just enjoy everything instead of shooting photos. The bike ride home was awesome though. The weather was perfect and the roads mostly empty.

I cook dinner most days of the week so it’s a nice welcome when Eric offers to make breakfast on weekend mornings. And he made waffles! He actually came up with the recipe. Hopefully after a few more taste tests he will post it.

We had to run a few errands on Saturday and ended up grabbing lunch at Khyber Pass Pub.

A heads up to any local peeps, they are having a vegan cocktail party on Wednesday. Pretty sure Eric and I are going!

Their special for the day was a vegan muffaletta so Eric ordered it. It was really awesome. A great veggie sandwich.

I got their sweet potato fries, they are awesome!

We kept it easy the rest of the day and ran a few errands. We went to the grocery store on Saturday evening and it was practically empty, AWESOME. I picked up some buckwheat groats. Need to figure out what to do with these!

We hung out at home Saturday night and caught up on TV shows.

Despite the terror in her eyes, I promise she likes this. Also, yes, my fingernails are usually painted different colors.

I spent a good portion of Sunday studying for an upcoming tests. The cats took in the sun from the windows.

We have two windows in our kitchen and each cat picks some window sun and sits there most of the day.

Eric made ginger-carrot soup while I cooked.

By afternoon we had had enough of sitting inside. We took a bike ride through the city.

And when we got home I tried a new recipe for dinner. Cornmeal Masala Brussel Sprouts, from Veganomicon. They were really good!

The super awesome Bianca from Vegan Crunk passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to both of us. We each wrote 5 things about us and have to pass the award along.

1. Most people think that Lauren “turned” me vegetarian or something to that nature, but I stopped eating meat a while before meeting her. As for the vegan thing, I think I pushed her to become vegan sooner than maybe would have happened other wise, but she would have made it there eventually without that nudge.

2. I never had pets growing up, which some people think is weird. Like no pets at all, not even the fish that every kids wins at a carnival. But there was no weird transition to living with Lauren’s cats, even though I don’t help out with them as much as I maybe should?!

3. I do math all day but couldn’t tell you what day ANY holiday/birthday (minus Lauren’s now…)/etc fall on. I don’t even know her phone number, or actually anyone’s for that matter. That’s actually pretty sad 🙂

4. I hate the morning but somehow got wrangled into waking up at 5:40am everyday.

5. If you would have told me 3 years ago I’d be a lycra wearing “roadie,” I would have laughed.

1. Unlike most vegans/vegetarians, I don’t eat any fake meat or cheeses. They never did anything for me before, and honestly kind of gross me out. I am slowly starting to eat tempeh, but I hate tofu, seitan, Daiya cheese, etc.

2. I am the most accident prone person ever. When I was really young I almost completely severed my toe off with a closet rod while playing She-Ra. When I was in the 3rd grade I ran into a metal pole and broke my nose and had to have plastic surgery. I’ve broken my wrist, both elbows, multiple fingers and my foot.

3. I love potatoes, especially in french fry form, but I HATE mashed potatoes. Actually I hate mushy food in general. Oh, and bananas making me nauseous. And they’re mushy. Ugh.

4. When Eric and I started dating I didn’t think of it as a ‘serious’ relationship, haha. Four and a half years later, and a move half way across the country, we are still together. It’s funny how things work out.

5. There is a backstory to Kitta Marie’s name. When I was little I used to name all of my cats Kitta Marie. I think she is around the 7th version of Kitta Marie…?

Ok we are going to pass this along to 3 people, but if anyone wants to do it, go for it! I love learning random facts about people.
Three rad ladies…
Jackie from Lives With Cat
Nicole from Bonus Round
Leslie from And Her Little Dog Too


6 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Yay, me! I love learning those random facts about people too. I’m the same way with mashed potatoes and bananas. Oatmeal too. Mushy food really grosses me out.

  2. We live in NW Philly, and I rarely see shots of the city from the south – that photo is a call change in perspective!

    (I’ve broken multiple fingers, an elbow, and my foot – in six places – as well 🙂 )

  3. Hi there…I stumbled upon your blog while looking for other philly bloggers =) I love your site so I’m definitely going to follow it!

    Your cats are adorable. Is Grissom possibly named after the character from CSI? Because thats one of my favorite shows and I was totally geeking out when I saw his name lol. I’ve never been to Khyber Pass Pub, but that food looks delicious so I might have to give it a try!

    • YES! He is named after Grissom from CSI! I love the show and was a huge CSI nerd when I adopted him, haha.

      Definitely try out Khyber, they recently re-did it from a grimy bar to a restaurant and the food is good.

  4. you could make buckwheat crispies (soaked then dehydrated buckwheat- you can find directions on! I was eating them for cereal for a while; so good!

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