It’s Always Sunny…

Ok, not really, but it is really sunny today! And warm! And tomorrow we might set a record high of 70 degrees! You better believe I will be drinking a beer on my porch tomorrow.

Because of the extremely nice weather I was really excited to tackle 8 miles today. My training plan only called for 7, but I am trying to up it a little so I can have multiple 10 mile runs before Cherry Blossom. I ran across the Ben Franklin Bridge then through the city. I love how many people were outside enjoying the temperatures.
I wore a t-shirt and capris and was HOT. I know in a few months I will be wishing for cooler temps, but after a frigid winter I welcome the heat!


4 responses to “It’s Always Sunny…

  1. It’s been soooooooo nice here all week! Like in the high 60s! Just last Thursday, our offices shut down because it snowed the night before. And now its like spring. Love it!

  2. loving the sun…no matter how hot it gets for me it is never ever too hot…i was smiling all day

  3. Hey guys! I passed the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. Details on my blog…

  4. We still have snow! Can I sit with you on your porch?

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