An Oldie but a Goodie

The other day I baked some Make Ya Go Bran Muffins from How it all Vegan! How it all Vegan! was the first vegan cookbook I ever bought, and this was long before I was even vegan. And this recipe was the first recipe I made out of there and kept making. Over and over.

One of these days Eric and I will actually get around to writing our “vegan story” but a short version for me is that I have been vegetarian pretty much my entire life and I never ate cheese, eggs or drank milk. So I was vegan for the most part, but I ate food with dairy in them (cookies, cake, muffins, etc).

My interest in vegan food mainly started because I liked to bakebut always saw it a waste to buy milk and eggs since I wouldn’t use them for anything except the one thing I was making at that time. And I fell in love with this recipe because it didn’t even require a milk or egg subsitute.

If you have this cookbook I highly recommend these muffins. They are really simple and make a great breakfast or snack.


3 responses to “An Oldie but a Goodie

  1. I would love to hear more about y’alls vegan story! I was (am) pretty much the same way about not having dairy/milk at home, but eating it in baked goods. That is definitely a great cookbook, and I love stuff that doesn’t even have egg replacer in it!

  2. I still don’t have this cookbook! I always hear such great things about it.

    As much as I love other, perhaps “fancier” muffins – bran really are my all-time favorite! These look delicious.

  3. That was my first vegan cookbook as well, years ago also before I was vegan, but I haven’t made these muffins yet. I have made the banana bread more times than I can count though! I’ll have to give these a try.

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